There Is Alternatives

In the last year we have had all sorts of alternatives….alternative news, reality and facts even history…..there has been a whole meme come up on the blogs about trying to explain this stuff…..

Nothing has been settled….and then I read a piece in the LA Progressive on the subjects……just a fun read…..

Once, a very long time ago, a horde of African Negroes stole some dugout canoes and set out for the new world, having heard there was good work for illegal immigrants in the newly planted cotton fields and sugar mills of the new world. Though the crossing was dangerous, they managed to make it to various islands in the Caribbean and to the mainland of the United States where Southern plantation owners graciously welcomed them, gave them food and shelter, along with jobs they could never have dreamt of getting back in their various homelands where they had lived in constant fear of poisonous snakes, voracious lions, man-eating crocodiles, and an array of other perils blissfully absent in their new and oh-so-much-nicer circumstances where kindly white people looked out for them and catered to their every want and need.

Despite the solicitous treatment these dusky foreigners received, they began complaining almost from the first day they got here, whining, moaning, and singing the blues, and sometimes even engaging in bloody tantrums in which they displayed a degree of ingratitude almost unheard of in all of human history, proving once and for all that no good deed goes unpunished.

Source: Alternative Facts, Alternative Reality, Alternative History – LA Progressive

Thoughts for a Thursday…..


8 thoughts on “There Is Alternatives

  1. I have to agree; on one level, it’s incredibly humorous. I even started to laugh, but, then realized, given the way it is written, there are FAR too many people, in this country, and in the world at large, who would read that, & take it as gospel, never realizing the satiric nature of the piece, at all. In fact, I can think of two or three people whose posts I see on FB, just on my feed, who would jump on this like it came straight from Jesus’s mouth, re-post it until it went viral, & this huge pile of bullshit would become another example of the ‘birther’ mentality, which now occupies the White House, I might add…..

    And, that demonstrates how scary the whole concept is, because it points out a new issue to deal with in society…. Anyone will believe damn near anything, especially if they see it on a TV, or on Twitter, or Instagram (where photoshopping is rife…)…. hell, they’d probably believe it if their hairdresser told them…

    SIGH…. Scary funny; hard to say which element is stronger…

    gigoid, the dubious

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