Body Count Is Back

The first of this week I wrote a post how the body count of enemy combatants has changed from my days in Vietnam…….(read it for yourself)

I remember back during my days of “blood and mud”, the Vietnam War, the big deal of the day was the body count of the bad guys from the day’s action….they were reported and used to justify so many other things that the brass wanted to do….

The concept of body count has lost some of its allure these days…instead of a high body count the government downplays as much of the deaths as possible…to the point of actually lying to the American people…..

Source: Always About The Body Count – In Saner Thought

I had to re-visit this subject because after my saying that a low body count, especially civilians, was a sign that the US was winning the war against ISIS….I had to re-visit this subject because the general of special ops has issued a statement about the deaths of militant terrorists….

Speaking at a defense industry conference today, Gen. Raymond Thomas announced that the United States has killed 60,000 ISIS fighters, insisting this proved US troops had been “pretty darn prolific” in their killing of ISIS people.

This figure is noteworthy for two reasons. Firstly, the Pentagon had claimed 50,000 ISIS fighters were killed just back in December, meaning that the general is effectively claiming the US has directly killed 10,000 more ISIS fighters in just two months, a staggering figure.

Perhaps more importantly, the Pentagon had estimated last summer, while bragging about having ruined ISIS’ recruitment abilities, that there were only about 15,000 ISIS fighters left. Despite having killed well more than 15,000 ISIS since then, it appears ISIS isn’t out of troops or even visibly any more short-handed in Iraq and Syria than they had been.

Gen. Thomas’ take was that the killings showed the US making “great progress,” though it also raises questions about why the Pentagon is killing way more ISIS fighters than it ever believed to have existed in the first place, and why ISIS always seems roughly the same size every time the US offers these counts.


We are reverting back to the days of Vietnam….the higher the body count the better we are winning…and that was a good indicator of how we did in Vietnam, huh?

But as usual most Americans do NOT care!  They have too much other crap on their minds….


8 thoughts on “Body Count Is Back

  1. Whenever I used to hear body counts during the Viet Nam conflict, I had to laugh. At least in Berkeley, where I first began paying attention to such matters, it was common knowledge the numbers were not just false, but, inflated or dropped according to who was speaking. Before even understanding much about it, my first thought then, as well as upon hearing/seeing the numbers above, was/is, “who said all those (insert gooks, towelheads, terrorists, or whatever epithet being used to dehumanize the ‘enemy’) people you ‘claim’ to have killed, were communists, or ISIS, or Al Qaeda?”

    Fact checking began at that time (1968 on…) I would think, for we had numerous sources that reported the numbers differently, showing a large degree of what was claimed by government officials was not only inflated, but, used casualties that included, but didn’t mention, civilians… ‘collateral deaths’ was the only euphemism they used then. Now, they don’t even offer euphemisms; they just report their ridiculous numbers, knowing the majority of the sheep will buy into them without question.

    I am finding it harder & harder, the older I get, to understand why there are so fucking many gullible idiots out there, who fail to realize they are their own worst enemy….

    gigoid, the dubious, getting cranky….

      1. Sometime, it’s too easy to go back, isn’t it?…. Good to know you can finally find some humor in that…. I have two friends who only came back physically….


      2. I have a team member that never came back all the way….he died on the streets….he asked for help and they ignored him…so I got little love to give….chuq

  2. At one time, I read ‘reliable’ reports in the UK that there were less than 30,000 ISIS fighters in all areas of combat. That means that the US has killed them all. Twice. Hooray! It’s all over.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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