‘Blackwater Air’

Like a bad penny they just keep turning up.

I have written many posts about the private army of mercenaries that use to be called Blackwater….after their problems with civilian deaths in Iraq Blackwater changed its name to Xe and fell off the grid…..but they really did not go anywhere….except back to war…..

Now they are an air force for hire….in Libya and now by US Special Forces……

I wrote about the re-surfacing in Libya……(there is lots of background in this post)

I have been a critic of the so-called “security contractors”….these people are nothing more than mercenaries….hired soldiers to fight wars for the rich and powerful…..…

Source: From The Ashes – In Saner Thought

A report has come out that “Blackwater” is now being deployed in the Central African Republic……

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Sikorsky helicopter that The Daily Beast’s source observed in Central African Republic belongs to Illinois-based EP Aviation, LLC.

EP Aviation was once a subsidiary of Academi, the Virginia-based company that was formerly known as Blackwater. The “EP” stands for “Erik Prince,” Blackwater’s founder and the younger brother of billionaire U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. (Does this mean that Trump has a private army at his disposal?)

Source: ‘Blackwater Air’ Is Back, and Flying for U.S. Special Forces – The Daily Beast

Once again the private army/ air force of mercenaries returns after many name changes to keep their activities off the grid….they are back in action and this time as part of our Special Ops activities.

Modern day Hessian……mercenaries in service to empire…..


14 thoughts on “‘Blackwater Air’

  1. EP Aviation was once a subsidiary of Academi, the Virginia-based company that was formerly known as Blackwater. The “EP” stands for “Erik Prince,” Blackwater’s founder and the younger brother of billionaire U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. (Does this mean that Trump has a private army at his disposal?)

    Where ?’s about this raised at her confirmation? This beyond alarming. It is frightening. This army is more secret that secret ops as secret ops still originate with govt. Now these mercenaries are secret secret ops with no govt connection except the person that sends them on a mission with complete deniability. Suppose it goes right back to CIA Bay of Pigs invasion that Kennedy did not authorize and halted.

  2. *smile* Gee. Private armies. Secret air forces, probably some small naval units with Bond-like infiltration vessels, shifting political/business alliances, all seems familiar somehow… Oh, right… reading science fiction, and popular spy novels, the former as prophecy, the latter as historical indicators masked in cultural norms..

    Each book contributes to understanding some of the cultural upheavals we are witnessing these days… which, having reached a critical level of population pressure due to the sheer numbers of people involved, is at flash point, in terms of the next stage in the human saga… Like it or not, these events will probably involve what is termed “catastrophic alterations” to the population, i.e., a very, very large number of people will die, for whatever reason, whether it be natural catastrophe, or, the unleashing of atomic weapons, or, other forms of chaos dangerous to life we don’t know of yet, which would lead inexorably to the same end.

    As an example of the latter material, to get clear on what is already possible, you can read Clive Cussler’s novels about the ‘for hire’ special naval vessel, manned by ex-spooks & special forces teams, including cyber experts, operating world-wide at the request of, naturally, the forces for good that inhabit Washington D.C…..It’s called “The Oregon Files”; the Corporation who runs/owns it is named after the ship, The Oregon, which looks like a tramp freighter, is smaller than a cruise ship, & seedy looking…on the surface.

    For an even more entertaining, and, (sorry Clive), better written & executed, yet scarily prophetic novelm about what is happening in this world today, read the book, “Friday”, by Robert Heinlein.

    In the book, the heroine protagonist inhabits, & moves competently through, a world gone mad, in just the ways we are seeing; each element of society in the fictional future is clearly rooted in today’s world, yet obviously not yet reality.

    The society it reveals is too complex, to try to fully describe here and now, but, if you wish to understand just how crazy it all is, and, may get to be before it all comes crashing down, read “Friday”. She’s my favorite female character in any book I’ve ever read; you will see why in the first two pages…

    It’s a vastly entertaining story, spun by one of the best storytellers to ever put pen to paper, or finger to key. It is also a tour de force of political, military, computer, and personal psychology, by Heinlein, who was a graduate of Annapolis, a libertarian patriot, and a life long proponent of self-reliance, and self-responsibility… Genius makes its own rules….

    If you think what you see happening around us today is nuts, just wait, ffolkes. It’s going to get very much stranger, very soon, as we are caught on the road to a future that, believe it, or not, is not as far as you think… In fact, much of what you’ll read in “Friday” could be said to be true today….

    SIGH…. “Reality… at least it keeps me busy.” — Zippy the Pinhead

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I believe it was Fredrick Forsythe, (my spelling sucks this early), thew author, that hired a army to invade Benin as research for his book, Dogs of War…..chuq

      1. I can believe it; the Oregon Files gives a good rundown of how they operate, as well as showing the state of mind that they use to justify their acts….


  3. Surely just the first step in complete privatisation of the armed forces? Imagine the income generation from hiring them out to all bidders? Might be enough to fund building that wall…
    Regards, Pete.

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