The Tale Of The Puppet Master

Every president in recent history has been controlled by outside forces most of them by industries and corporations….but from time to time there is a single person that works the prez like a sock puppet….Dick Cheney for GW Bush and today….Stephen Bannon working Trump.

Stephen K. Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategist, has been elevated to the Principals Committee of the National Security Council, the top tier of national-security policymakers.*  It is the first time a political affairs official has been made a regular participant in the NSC’s work.  The appointment is the most important piece in an extraordinary and dangerous bureaucratic reorganization that Bannon himself may have engineered.

Anyone who thinks bureaucracy doesn’t count should think twice after witnessing what amounts to a coup.  Bannon may attend any session of the NSC and the Principals Committee while the intelligence community, represented by the Director of National Intelligence (Mike Pompeo) and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, may not.**  Officially, Bannon is now on par with Michael Flynn, the special assistant for national security; but in terms of real access to the president, Bannon’s only peer is Jared Kushner.  “It is a startling elevation of a political adviser,” the New York Times says.

Source: Bannon’s Coup – LA Progressive

An alt-Right operative from Breibart is in control of the government…..

Bannon started off as a campaign adviser of sorts and after the election he was elevated to personal adviser status…..which would not need Senate approval but then Trump got cocky……promoted him to the National Security Council (NSC) and guess what?

When Donald Trump decided that fake-news publisher and alt-right nazi Steve Bannon would be his White House Chief Strategist, he presumably chose that role so that the overwhelmingly controversial Bannon wouldn’t have to go through Senate confirmation hearings, which would have been a firestorm for the ages. But now that Trump has subsequently also picked Bannon for the National Security Council, it turns out he’ll be unwittingly feeding Bannon to the Senate wolves after all.

According to section (a)(6) of federal statute 50 U.S. Code 3021, a civilian like Steve Bannon will in fact need to go through Senate confirmation and approval in order to serve on the National Security Council because he doesn’t fit into any of the five listed pre-approved categories. That obscure law, which has remained obscure because no president has ever tried to put a political hack on the NSC until now, was dug up by MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter late on Monday night. This sets up a remarkable showdown if Trump goes ahead with the Bannon pick, because few in either party have shown any affinity or trust for the guy – and they’ll have limitless material for embarrassing him.

If Bannon goes through a Senate confirmation, it will give Senators the opportunity to grill him about his former role running fake-news white nationalist site Breitbart, and the chance to hammer him about the allegations that he beat his wife. And it will pull back the curtain on the mysterious Bannon, who is believed to be acting as de facto president in the Trump administration. If all 48 Democrats vote against him, it will require just three Republicans to do the same. Considering just how deeply Bannon is distrusted, along with the strong belief that he should not be taking the place of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the NSC, it’s likely that Bannon will be rejected by the Senate.

(Palmer Report)

Trump’s liberal use of the EO illustrates that Bannon’s ideas is front and center in the Trump White House…..even the “darker” ones……

Steve Bannon, a self-described Leninist who wants to “destroy the state” and “bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment,” has risen to become one of the most powerful men in Washington.

Now the former director of extreme right-wing documentaries is currently writing and directing his biggest film yet: Trump’s America.

It’s unbelievable to think but Bannon, a man who thinks “darkness is good,” and cites Dick Cheney, Darth Vader and Satan as evidence, is now sitting on the National Security Council, in place of the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Source: Steve Bannon’s plan to bring down US democracy has started. Be very afraid | Middle East Eye

This will be an interesting turn of events to see how Bannon’s promotion plays with the Senate.  Will they roll over or will they put the best interests of the country in the forefront?



8 thoughts on “The Tale Of The Puppet Master

  1. It’s not just the Senate that dislikes him, a lot of the American public dislike him as well. I have a feeling (rather wishful pleading) that people will make their opinions known to their senators and they’ll make sure he’s not appointed into this powerful position. Trump’s track record with his other picks has me on the fence between optimism and pessimism unfortunately.

    1. I wish I had more faith in the “let your Congress know” movement…I have seen nothing come of this on so many levels….but maybe it will work this time….(he said shaking his head) chuq

      1. I’ve not lost faith yet, at least, not completely. If people can protest SOPA and win, they can certainly do it again with Bannon. A lot of Internet companies are affected by the intelligence community, therefore, lots of people will find out.

  2. As you say, there is always someone behind, pulling the strings. On this occasion, his track record is of more concern than that of many of his predecessors.
    Regards, Pete.

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