Do You Remember Your First Car?

It is a Sunday and for the life of me I could find anything that was of interest to me….so I decided to go off on one of my tangents……what say we give the immigrants a break?

Time for some nostalgia……

We Americans seem to define ourselves by the stuff we accumulate and own….in my day we were defined by our cars….so I thought I would try a human interest tact for today…..

What was your first car?

Mine was a Kharman-Ghia, a sporty little thing with an air cooled VW engine mounted in the rear…..a tan over brown coupe …..of course I had to tweak it a bit…better carb, better cam and driving lights…..pipes were included in the $250 I paid for my man wheels….I loved that car!

All my pics of my first car were destroyed in Katrina…if you need a reminder of what a Kharman-Ghia was then the link below will help……

Source: kharman-ghia – Yahoo Image Search Results

We parted ways when I joined the Army and sold it to my neighbor’s son for $200….I have regretted that action ever since.  Damn!  I miss that car.

Please join the conversation and let me know about your first car….

But if that does not float your boat then here is a bit of “Fusion Jazz”……

Time to go out and enjoy the rest of the weekend…be well, be safe….chuq


22 thoughts on “Do You Remember Your First Car?

  1. I really do miss my first vehicle, purchased when I returned from Vietnam, a ’66 AM Rambler Classic 440. Drove from Pa. to Ca. and back. You could fold the seats to make the interior a bed !

  2. 1966 Ford Mustang Hatchback. Cooper colored and just the factory specs. I loved that car but until my current Fiat Pop my favorite ride, although hard to steer, was the 1957 T-Bird Hardtop. No continental kit. ~~dru~~

  3. The first vehicle I owned was a 1951 GMC pickup, with a straight six, painted that ancient forest green, but with a red hood from a 51 Chevy p/u, and a wooden, hand-made gypsy camper built into the bed. It had a stained glass skylight, built-in glass fronted cabinets, & a couch that folded down into a full size bed. Drove it all over the US, until it died in Oklahoma City on the way back east…. Memories, indeed….

    Have a good Sunday, amigo….


  4. On the lighter side… my first car was a kind of military green, 1959 VW Beetle. A tin can with a motor in the back, but the bumpers were made with chrome pipes so you could get people to pull it if it got stuck. You couldn’t use the “heater” in winter or all you’d get was frosted windshields, but otherwise, could those things ever plough through snow drifts! BTW, there were lots of Kharman-Ghia’s around in those halcyon 60’s days but they didn’t seem very practical, especially for serious dating…

  5. Those VW coupes are collector’s items now. You should have stored it…

    My first car was less impressive. A Vauxhall (General Motors) Viva. Two doors, four-speed manual gears, and in a pale green called ‘Sea Foam’. It was a 1963 model, that I got in early 1969 as a present from my parents, when I passed my test. I put a wood-rim steering wheel on it, and even bought some driving gloves! I still remember the number on the registration plate, 344 DBK. The first time I put four gallons of petrol in it, I got change from £1 !!
    I was still at school, and it felt great driving my own car into the car park.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. You are right…I should stored it…I also had a ’67 mustang fastback that I should have hung on to…but I was young and stupid….I put a walnut steering wheel on the ‘stang…..very cool! Thanx for sharing the info…I appreciate the participation….chuq

  6. Reading some of the comments here, I’m the youngster of the crowd here 🙂 My first car was a 1987 Ford Escort 2-door hatchback. It was originally silver, but ended up being a mess of primer and paint projects that I never quite finished. That little 1.9L 4-speed was a tank that took my abuse in stride until the block cracked.

    1. Cool…just 10 years ago I had an old Escort and it has been running non-stop for 20 years..I gave it to a friend that lost his car after Katrina…..thanx for sharing….chuq

  7. This post reminds me of my first motorbike (in Vietnam it’s the most convenient vehicle to get around and yes, people do judge each other by the types of motorbike you drive). How I miss the old troublesome Honda Wave that went to college with me every day!!!

    1. Thanx for sharing that with us……I had an old Norton 750 Commander in my younger days and it was a pain to keep running…hope to see you again….chuq

  8. I had three simultaneously, as was the nature of vehicle restoration:
    ’65 Triumph Mark III
    ’67 GT6 (not really, but that is what I convinced DMV to register it as – my only hard top)
    ’69 Corvette, convertible, of course.

    Within three weeks of making them roadworthy, I won a ’85 Jeep Cherokee, another rag top.

    FYI, My comments will be sparse as I divorced politics in ’04 when I split the sheets with the Department of Elections. You can find me at ECR and occasionally at my place.

      1. No, GT6. It was an amalgam of parts, as I liked the fast back from the ’72 and the front end of the ’66, all of which I welded onto a ’68 frame (to reduce in the amount of cutting to make such a Frankensteinesque mobile. 🙂

      2. cool…I got to drive a TR7 and it was a like driving a tractor..I guess that is why it was unpopular….looked like a wooden wedge…LOL chuq

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