Closing Thought–03Feb17

The First Lady Of The United States (FLOTUS)

There is always something about the FLOTUS for the media to focus on….with Obama it was vile, insulting and tasteless….so far the Left has shown restraint and not started trying to payback the Right by attacking Melania

The Right, at least some of the more dim witted, have been insulting anyone that does not agree with them for at least 8 years….but at least the Left has shown that they are a better class of people by not doing the cowardly thing and attacking Trump’s wife….or making her an issue of ridicule.

I am hoping that continues….for only defeated cowards attacks the wife of the president.


17 thoughts on “Closing Thought–03Feb17

  1. One’s family is definitely off limits, problem is half of his family is joining in administering advise , sitting in on cabinet meetings, He, who is not my president, has no qualms about his family being put in a position to be ridiculed.

  2. On one hand people rant about immigration laws being too tough {Canada’s laws are tougher than ours] and trip over themselves to bring them here BUT then, on the other hand ridicule an immigrant? She’s done nothing wrong. It seems to me, people just want something to rant about.

  3. Though I read through all the posts today, & liked them, ’twas generally due to your own treatment of the information therein. In truth, I’m on outrage overload; having visited FB recently, I am finding the extent to which ignorance and fear have come to influence the political world to be as tiresome as it is insane.

    Just having to even talk about such issues is a sure sign of the insanity. As often happens in your posts, the last line is the most cogent for this one, and, in truth, for the entire world… only cowards attack the innocent. But, cowards mostly are too afraid to even look at what they do, much less why, or the consequences of their acts upon others. They are insulated by their fear of inadequacy, so must never examine their own entitlement, or the insane justifications they use for it.

    The world no longer has any rational order to it… which is necessary to balance the chaos we naturally produce….

    “Yes, living in today’s complex world of the future is much like having a hive of bees live in your head. But, there they are.” — Firesign Theater

    gigoid, the dubious

  4. From the perspective of a foreigner, I find a delicious irony in the fact that a man married to an East European immigrant can spout such hatred against other immigrants. Then again, his wife is not a Muslim, and she is white.
    Regards, Pete.

  5. She’s off limits, as is their son Baron, as far as I’m concerned. Her husband, his father, on the other hand, is fair game as long as people keep it clean and factual. The appalling way the right trashed the Obamas truly showed the lack of intelligence and class of those who made up (literally) the most offensive charges against a man and his family who were among the most decent people to ever live in the White House. Ampng those classless people, the president and Bannon!

    1. I agree….if she sticks her foot in her mouth then maybe….but until that she is off limits at least for me….I refuse to insult the woman or his young son….too bad others do not/did not feel the same….have a good Saturday….chuq

      1. Exactly, though it would have to be a gaff like the sloppy staff work on her speech that included part of the one Michelle Obama gave. Even then, she isn’t a public figure in the sense her husband is.

      2. I really do not like bad mouthing a man’s wife however he may be….have a good Sunday and give the boys a rub from me….chuq

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