Religious Freedom In The USA

There is a lot of banter on blogs and other sources about religious freedoms in this country… has gotten a little louder after GOP candidate for president Donald Trump made his now famous or infamous statements about closing places of worship and targeting religious organizations……and other candidates have said that they prefer one religion over another when it comes to refugees……

The Economist has a pretty good look at “Religious Freedom And America”…….

Source: The Economist

THIS weekend, some Americans, at least, have been pondering the meaning of religious liberty. January 16th has been designated Religious Freedom Day because it is the anniversary of what Thomas Jefferson regarded as one of his greatest achievements, ranking with the Declaration of Independence: the approval of a statute in his native Virginia which overturned the entrenched status of the Anglican church and set all faiths on an equal footing before the law. Although he was an Anglican himself, of a very free-thinking sort, he admired the integrity of his non-conformist compatriots and came to the view that religious privilege damaged everybody, including the privileged. The statute’s opening lines reflect the American founder’s mastery of language and clarity of thought.

Whereas Almighty God hath created the mind free; that all attempts to influence it by temporal punishment or burthens, or by civil incapacitations, tend only to beget habits of hypocrisy and meanness, and are a departure from the plan of the Holy author of our religion, who being Lord both of body and mind, yet chose not to propagate it by coercions on either, as was his Almighty power to do.


36 thoughts on “Religious Freedom In The USA

  1. You need to take a really good look at Islamic doctrines of exclusion. Virtually all praying Muslims pray the same thing every. No god but allah.
    There is no freedom of speech or religion in Islamic doctrine, which is what the discussion should be about and ultimately will be about as it always eventually is.
    Please consider careful studies .

    1. Please take your own advice…..Allah means God in Arabic….there is freedom of speech….you are blaming all Muslims for the doctrines of a few….why do you hate so much? Just what has a Muslim done to you?

      1. Not an enabler…if you mean that I refuse to succumb to bias then okay maybe I am……or maybe you would like to name me an “apologist”….that would be nothing new….have you studied the Quran or just website that will give you the ammo to spread whatever it is you are spreading?

    2. Hello CCT…
      I know you do not hate…..neither do I….
      However,any sort of indoctrination is not for me.
      Muslim Clerics in Saudi are extremely dangerous.. a stone age relic……dreadful place,and The House of Saud.
      I am speaking as a woman….and I see the woman’s position … 2/3rd rate citizens and it barely registers on them……..that is what indoctrination does….makes you a slave and you do not even know it..There is no critical thinking in Islam…..obedience rules.
      Wearing ‘bin bags’ over your face/head is hardly an indication of a civilized nation. Oh, I am not pc.(burka) extreme Jews wear them as well…it hardly allows a ‘man’ to evolve beyond his genitals.
      Then again I am not in favour of children being exposed to the sexualized society of the West…
      I am opposed to Sharia courts in the has crept in…..I am opposed to the burka ..The women suffer in Sharia court divorce issues as they are oppressed.. I only see assimilation from educated Muslims…2/3rd generation…….bring them on….
      Converting with missionary zeal in not for me…
      Religious freedom in includes the right to be free from religion…..ethics are important in life and if one is not religious and chooses to bring up their children without religion then ethics are important…..kindness and compassion do not just belong soley to religion….
      I see we are a tribal people…..and a wise politician will be aware of the pulse of the people…
      If you will, read the comments at the end of the Jefferson/article in the Economist ….
      It is well worth it…

      thank you chuq for the post.
      big hug!

      1. Pennie,
        I appreciate your civility, and outright kindness.
        I hear what you are saying. Just so we are clear, let me say that Christianity doesn’t work unless people are free to reject Christ.

  2. When you guys are fighting for the wrong side believe me. Muslims believe there are three levels of hadith based on accuracy and the one that they trust the most says that Muhammad intentionally started wars to advance Islam and that he forced Islam on innocent people by any means. The doctrine and Islam is something that when you start looking at it you’ll be amazed and most Muslims don’t even know what I know. They only know what their moms tell him it is a highly filtered religion of the extremes that violent in moms teach as it is to the Warriors for jihad and peaceful Imams teach as it also is to the average Muslim that is in the dark and that really does not know their own religion only a filtered version of it. The Muslims are the real victims and you guys R unnwitting enablers.
    Get Nabeel Quareshi’s seeking Allah finding Jesus.

      1. Pennie,
        Thanks, I’ll give it a look. I know Christopher Hitchens and some of the other atheists also know what I’m talking about. They know the differences, or at least some of the differences between Christianity and Islam and talk about Islam’s shortcomings in particular. The differences are that start that even devout atheist find something good to say about Christianity when compared to Islam. Such is the case with Bill Maher for instance.

      2. Marie,
        Are you referring to the shortcomings of Christ? Because there are none you can name.
        Or are you referring to the shortcomings of Christianity, or that of Christians.
        The later would include “so-called” Christians including Popes and such.
        Please clarify.

      3. It is Marie Jacqueline, my real name. I mean the shortcomings Christians. I thought that should be clear. As a Catholic I’m curious why you call the Pope a ‘so-called Christian’?
        And who do you mean with’ and such’?
        And about arrogance : Why do you decide who is a ‘real’ Christian an who a ‘so-called’ one?

      4. Well, since you braught up the subject of arrogance, I am what you Catholic know as a “Protestant”. Catholics gave us this moniker. It was because of the arrogance and failings of the Catholic Church and persecution by the same.

      5. The past of the Catholic Church was one of bloodshed, prosecution and inquisition. It showed the worst and the best of being a Christian. Protestantisme did the same. It prosecuted, Had its own different forms of inquisition and it showed the best and the worst of that what a Christian can be. So if you agree with it or not we are more alike than different.

  3. Lady P made the most important comment in all I see above, to wit: freedom of religion must mean freedom from religion…. Freedom does not exist if it does not apply to all….

    A delusion held by millions does not lessen its quality of unreality; truth is truth, & as long as humanity clings to childish fears and illusions of safety in the universe, they will continue to divide and conquer, rather than grow and learn….

    gigoid, the dubious

  4. Conversion tactics is worth a read even if incomplete –

    And another source:
    When did Christians first begin to use force to convert people?

    Soon after the conversion of the Roman emperor Constantine, though the first use of force was not designed to convert pagans but to correct dissident Christians. Augustine, the great bishop of Hippo in North Africa in the late fourth and early fifth century, was faced with a dissident sect, the Donatists. Augustine wanted to bring them back in the orthodox fold, and he agonized about whether it was permissible to use coercion to do so.

    1. Do not forget Charles “The Hammer” Martel…he once executed a 1000 Germanics for practicing their old religion…..thanx for the links and the comment….chuq

    2. So Back to the ‘Now’ as we are in this New Year 2016.
      and we have the jihadists continuing with their violent ideology…and that includes the ‘educated’ ones… know the ones…been to university ones…2nd generation etc
      precisely just what will be done to deal with them?
      Bomb them?
      or let our friends in Saudi deal with them?
      They created them in the first place with their ideology…
      Hhhmmmm… where did that come from?
      and more to the point why is it still ‘alive and well’ in 2016?
      Any answers any one?……

  5. I read some of the answers here and I shiver. Why do you ask? Simply blaming many for the deeds of a few. Hypocritical denying that just an example ‘Christians’ in the US have bombed abortion clinics killed people, murder doctors working there. The KKK and than you have the death penalty in the US. Do you really think it is more ‘humane’?
    And do these commenter forget what happened when a religious group was blamed for everything wrong in the world.
    How is it possible that a nation that boast itself for its religious freedom is so rigid to assume God prefers Christian Americans. And for the ones that assume that I am not a religious; you assume wrong. I am Dutch and in the Netherlands being religious/or not is something considered private. Or making you a better or bad person just being religious or not. Freedom of religion is so much more than the we and them thinking. Many answering here tend to forget that!

    1. It is scary….all you say is true and that is what I try to address but most times these types want to focus on what they think they know….I was afraid that I may have offended you before….believe me it was not my attention….glad I was wrong….I enjoy your comments…..chuq

      1. I know what you mean. People that pretend to know God better, know all His intentions and who is good and who is bad. Even have the audacity to pose as if they know it all.

        Funny, I thought I offended you! So all is well on bothsides of the Atlantic!

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