incoherencing a moment …

Once again my friend has written a thought provoking post……she continues to write the most heart felt posts….learn what others are thinking and feeling….you will see that they are more like you than you think…..chuq


I tend to suppress my urge to write often. Sometimes it’s like binging. But inside this specific situation I think it is a must. I have been busy writing mostly in Arabic, because the topic I am addressing are strictly palestinian Arab related, where I find the need to talk in the mindset of the street within the topics that are stirring the Palestinian emotions. Issues that are not necessarily related to the Israeli military occupation even though all what is happening is the result of two things that cannot be excluded form one another: the Israel oppression and the corrupt Palestinian authority.

The Palestinians are finding themselves squeezed into this state of serious loss and despair. Young people are going out for free voluntarily deaths, and others are going to the dungeons of fanatic extremism within the growth of Da’esh that is definitely being fostered as a result. And…

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