2016: When Is Enough Enough?

Now that this is an official election year I will try to post at least one post a day on the progress of the election and its players……

It is the election year and I suspected that other candidates would appear from the woodwork…..we have a football team on the GOP side and battling progressives (although only one is a progressive the other is just Repub left) on the Dem side of the coin….but who else could be waiting to join the fanfare?

That one is easy….a Libertarian……yet another pretender to the throne……

In a move Gawker says will “[render] Rand Paul even more irrelevant,” former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson announced Wednesday he’s running for president. “I want to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for president; I am hoping to get the Libertarian nomination,” Johnson told Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, followed shortly afterward by a tweet that said, “Game on! America deserves another choice in #2016presidentialelections.” Reason.com notes Johnson resigned his position earlier this week as head of Cannabis Sativa, which promotes legal cannabis products. He told Cavuto the biggest issue facing the US is “the $20 trillion debt we will have when Obama leaves office” and notes government today is “unwieldy” and “out of control.” “Hillary is a known quantity who’s not going to win all of those voters,” he tells the Washington Post. “And if Trump’s the Republican nominee … a large number of people will want an alternative.”

Johnson’s announcement, while a bit of a surprise this late in the game, isn’t a total shocker: Politico notes that in October he penned a blog post titled “Why I would run for President,” in which he took on both parties and ripped on Paul, noting, “in [Paul’s] quest to have one foot in the libertarian camp and the other in the establishment Republican museum, he has emerged with a vague mix of positions that is clearly not compelling.” “There is a price to be paid for selling out—and he is paying it,” Johnson added. The self-made millionaire also ran for the nation’s top spot in 2012, claiming about 1% of the total electorate, per Politico. “[My candidacy] was kind of a commitment from the last go-round that I made to a lot of people,” he tells the Post. “I’ll be the first one to say that I don’t think I did very well at all! But everyone else has said … that it was a very successful, very significant campaign for the party.”

To be fair…I want to let my readers know of all the “major” players in the 2016 election…..there is always an alternative to the 2 parties….all you have to do is look for them…..

2 thoughts on “2016: When Is Enough Enough?

  1. Reminds me of the 1968 election, with NIxon, McGovern, & Wallace, which most of the students at UC Berkeley regarded as a choice between two echoes and a fart….

    Enough was too much even then….

    gigoid, the dubious

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