Discredited Conservatives Attack Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy as Naive « Antiwar.com Blog

There is not much that I agree with Rand Paul on as far as policy goes…….but after his statement on foreign policy drew so much name calling from the GOP….I can see why he is a bit miffed…….

Please no one take this as some round about endorsement of Rand Paul…….it is not.


Discredited Conservatives Attack Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy as Naive « Antiwar.com Blog.


6 thoughts on “Discredited Conservatives Attack Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy as Naive « Antiwar.com Blog

  1. I suspect you agree with Rand Paul more than you would ever admit publicly. I have found that to be the case with most liberals, progressives these days.

    It took Ron’s second presidential run for the most ardent liberal’s in my family to “see the light”.

    Some liberals will never give Rand a chance simply because he has that R at the end of his name. Many Neo-cons could never swallow the noninterventionist tag and re-labeled Ron as an isolationist. I’ve seen some in the media do the same with Rand.

    I’m not sold on Rand just yet, but his name is on my very short list of viable options.

    1. The Dems and Reps have been disappointing group of individuals. It is time to try someone out of the of the norm.

      1. I will agree with you on this…..but (there is always a but, huh?)…….support solutions to problems not moronic slogans……and that is something we will not see any time soon….solutions to problems.

      2. People will remember slogans and not know anything about the candidates. What I have heard many times is “All the candidates and parties are the same so it doesn’t matter who I vote for.” We do need solutions to our problems, but no one is willing to cross the aisle. Who would vote for someone who wants to fix Medicare or do away with subsidies?

    2. Owen…..I admit there are some parts of his issues that I could agree with…foreign policy, government out of the bedroom to mention a couple……the problem is when we vote we have to vote for a whole package and that I could not do…..

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