Tensions Are Rising

Yes, my fellow humans, things are getting worse in Ukraine by the day…….and both sides are throwing propaganda around like Mardi Gras babbles……..and then there is the Us……we think that by stationing more troops just across the border from Russia will somehow defuse the situation…….does not look promising now does it?

Vladimir Putin has steadfastly denied that Russian units are working with separatists in eastern Ukraine, but photos suggest otherwise, the New York Times reports. Expert gunmen known as “green men” have led the way as separatists take over government buildings, and their gear matches that of Russian special forces that helped take Crimea. Certain individuals who appear in eastern Ukraine photos have also been photographed with Russian troops, the Times notes, offering a comparison of the photos.

“There has been broad unity in the international community about the connection between Russia and some of the armed militants in eastern Ukraine, and the photos presented by the Ukrainians last week only further confirm this,” says a spokeswoman for the US State Department. Russia has a history of “maskirovka,” or masked warfare, the Times notes—and the practice complicates Western efforts to address the situation. The US has said it’s Russia’s job to oversee an end to the occupation of east Ukraine government buildings, and Moscow could face new sanctions if it fails to do so. Meanwhile, the BBC reports that Russia has bizarre plans for newly annexed Crimea—a gambling zone.

We can pretend we are helping….but from where I sit……it looks more like more adventurism…..the bang bang shootum up is beginning…..

Ukraine and Russia traded blame today for a shootout at a checkpoint manned by pro-Russia insurgents in eastern Ukraine that left one person dead and others hospitalized with gunshot wounds. The identity of the attackers remained unclear. Russia blamed militant Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian government said the attack near the city of Slovyansk was staged by provocateurs from outside the country.

The head of a pro-Russia unit in the village of Bylbasivka said the fight started when unknown men drove up in four vehicles and opened fire about 3am, while Ukraine’s Security Service called the attack a “cynical provocation” staged from “the outside.” The armed clash appeared to be the first since an international agreement was reached last week in Geneva to ease tensions in eastern Ukraine, where armed pro-Russia activists have seized government buildings in at least 10 cities. Ukraine and many in the West fear that such clashes could provide a pretext for Russia to seize more Ukrainian territory. Click for more on the story.

How far are we willing to go?  And why do we think that a solution used in the Cold War will work today?


2 thoughts on “Tensions Are Rising

  1. “Expert gunmen known as “green men” have led the way as separatists take over government buildings …”

    Isn’t this the role the CIA plays when we go in to do regime change in Latin American countries and elsewhere?

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