Is German Militarism Making A Comeback?

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Today we will delve into the wonderful world of international relations…..something that not many people understand or care about….

I am almost positive that most Americans know what happened in WW2……the rise of Germany and that little dude with the funny ‘tashe…I know us old farts know that part of history and I doubt if too many of the youngsters know the whole story….which is kinda sad……maybe I should offer a bit of clarification here……

After their defeat in WW1 Germany was not allowed  navy, air force and only a small army for defense only……but then the little guy won and election and took over the government after the parliament fire and German militarism was on the rise and that culminated in WW2 and the defeat of Germany and the whole process started all over again…….your simplistic tour of WW2……(you are welcome)…….

From the end of WW2 until the present Germany had had a very limited engagement with the different wars of aggression……….but all that is changing…….

The announcement by the new grand coalition government in Germany that the country’s previous policy of military restraint is at an end marks a historic turning point. It heralds a new stage of aggressive imperialist foreign policy.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Social Democratic Party—SPD) first announced the new policy last week in the Bundestag (parliament). He said Germany was “too big and too important” to confine itself any longer “to commenting on world politics from the sidelines.”

Due to its economic power and geographical location in the centre of Europe, Germany bore a special responsibility in regard to world affairs, Steinmeier declared, adding, “We recognise our responsibility.” Germany would serve as a catalyst for a common European foreign and security policy, he said, and while the use of military force was only a last resort, it could not be ruled out.

This change of course is supported by the entire government. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (Christian Democratic Union—CDU) said Germany would take on “more responsibility in NATO and other alliances” and announced a significant expansion of foreign missions by the Bundeswehr (armed forces). Von der Leyen added that she had begun to work with Steinmeier and Development Minister Gerd Müller (Christian Social Union—CSU) to develop a “strategy for Africa.”

“from restraint, something like self-privilege arises” and called for a clear commitment to NATO, “even if the United States cannot always afford more.” It should, he said, be natural for Germany to intervene militarily “if human rights violations culminate in genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing or crimes against humanity.”

(From an article written by Ulrich Rippert)

To me all that sounds a bit ominous…….smells like the starting salvo of a return to German militarism….this could be a massive push for the world, if you will, something that was promised to the German people 80 years ago……..will history repeat?

6 thoughts on “Is German Militarism Making A Comeback?

  1. “smells like the starting salvo of a return to German militarism….”

    Maybe not. We need to start pulling troops out of Europe and other post WWII theaters. The conventional warfare they represented in the past is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The edgy thing here however is will we allow them to create a nuclear bomb. Now THAT could strain relations

    1. Germany is gaining a foothold in Africa for their military……they are anticipating the US reduction and are preparing to fill the void…..

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