Spanking The NSA

Today I would liike to focus on the NSA ‘scandal’ and other types of domestic intel gathering…..I cannot believe how naive the press pretends to be, that is both Left and Right, they go on and on about the domestic spying thing but it is all so much crap!

Now I have given a couple of situations that could be made into a good scandal if the use of the propaganda techniques were employed….sadly NO one bit at the chance… sad…I guess I will move on……

We all have our opinion on the NSA and the domestic spying thingy, right?  Well there seems to be a push of “reform” the agency……okay had to smile….there is nothing more worthless than a “reform”…..the prez outlined just what those little tweaks will be to secure the safety of the privacy of American citizens…..

(Newser) – With a presidential speech on NSA reforms coming as soon as next week, the Wall Street Journal has the inside track on President Obama’s thinking. Changes could come as a combination of executive and legislative action. Among possible major changes to the way the agency works:

  • A review panel has recommended that, for the first time, non-US citizens gain privacy protections under the Privacy Act of 1974. President Obama appears to favor the idea, a top administration official tells the paper.
  • The panel is also calling for an overhaul of NSA phone record-gathering, suggesting that phone companies or a separate body collect the records instead of the agency itself. That idea is “absolutely being seriously considered,” says the official. The panel would like to see court approval required for a search of those records.
  • The panel has urged a change to the FBI’s secret “national security letters,” which call for data without needing court approval; the panel wants that approval. Obama may alter the procedure, though FBI director James Comey has raised concerns.
  • As previously reported, a public advocate may be appointed for surveillance court arguments against government requests.

In recent days, Obama has met with a range of privacy advocates, intelligence officials, and lawmakers to discuss the reforms. Following a meeting with White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, one government secrecy expert noted: “There was an implicit assurance that change is coming, even though its exact contours could not be disclosed.”

And there you have the “fix” that is proposed……read the 4 closely….now do you feel safer?


9 thoughts on “Spanking The NSA

  1. Give your fellow Americans a break, they are extremely busy defending the 2nd Amendment to the death (usualy other people’s) they haven’t got time to defend the other amendments.

  2. It’s hard not to like Obama’s methodological approach to issues. Be refreshing if he actually had a Congress he could work with.

    “A review panel has recommended that, for the first time, non-US citizens gain privacy protections under the Privacy Act of 1974.” This, of course, will not be received well by the Right. They will go nuts, because we all know this is all part of Obama’s secret Athesit Muslim agenda 😉

  3. Some of these ideas are similar to what William Binney suggested. Binney was an NSA operative under Bush and then became a whistleblower, who like every other whistle blower on U.S. spying was ostracized by his former employer.

    See both Binney’s and Chris Hedges’ comments on this issue here

      1. Watch the video I sent you. Binney’s ideas are more detailed and do offer a viable solution. But nothing is ever an absolute certainty. Letting this problem fade away however will likely ensure that things get worse, not better

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