Shut This Mother Down!

Now that Syria is put on a back burner and into a slow boil…..all eyes return to the petty arguments of the past……

I know we have been spared all the crap about the budget….that is about to change……will it get messy?  Or possibly moronic?

Well the morons are the loudest……crap holes like Paul, Hill, et al…..that are willing to f*ck the country because they cannot understand that Obamacare is LAW!  These twats are threatening to shut the entire government down if they cannot get a vote on de-funding health care…….is it a brilliant movw?  Or possibly a moronic one!

Several Congress clowns have weighed in on the possibility of shutting the government down…..

House Speak John Boehner is seriously entertaining this stratagem, having recently received a letter from 60 House Republicans urging it on him.

All of which brings us back to a perennial question: What’s the deal with House Republicans? Despite every indication that they’ve simply lost their marbles, the question isn’t so easy to answer. In fact, I see three distinct possibilities: That they’re genuinely crazy; that they’re rational, but with perverse incentives; or that they’re just a little slow.

“Crazy” is pretty much self-explanatory. Whether they do what they do because they believe they’re the second coming of James Madison, or because space aliens told them to, is neither here nor there. “Rational,” by contrast, is a little more complicated. It means they’re acting in their self-interest; it just happens to be in their self-interest to appear crazy. For example, as multiple commentators have pointed out, many House Republicans represent ultra-conservative districts, in which the biggest threat to their survival is a Republican primary challenger, not a general-election opponent. Under these circumstances, it’s perfectly rational to come off as relentlessly conservative as possible.

But not all the whack-a-doodles feel confident with this decision……

Several prominent Republicans aren’t fans of the conservative push to shut down the federal government unless Obamacare is defunded. In fact, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) thinks it’s “the dumbest idea” he’s ever heard.

Andrew Taylor, a reporter for the Associated Press, asked Burr if he was on board with Tea Party favorite Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) effort to get Senate Republicans to vote against a continuing resolution funding the government if it also funds the implementation of Obamacare. Burr didn’t pull his punches, joining a growing group of Republicans who think the strategy is counterproductive and futile:

BURR: No, I think it’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of… Listen, so long as Barack Obama’s president, the Affordable Care is gonna be law… I think some of these guys need to understand that, you shut down the government, you better have a specific reason to do it that’s achievable. Defunding the Affordable Care Act is not achievable by shutting down the federal government. At some point, you’re gonna open the federal government back up, and Barack Obama’s gonna be president, and he won’t have signed the dissolution of the Affordable Care Act.

Asked if that turn of events would amount to “walking into a baseball bat and hitting your face,” Burr replied, “If there’s something bigger than a baseball bat, then I think that’s about where they’re going.”

Personally, I think it is idiotic…….I do believe that this could come back and bite them in the ass in the next election…….of course they will be stupid enough to point to what they did in the 1990’s…….all I have to say…..that was then, this is now!

I hope like Hell they crap in the chili……..I would enjoy that very much.  I can hear Eastwood saying, “go ahead punks….make my day”!

How about you?


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    1. Bob, thanx for stopping by….but next try being a little less childish and a bit more adult and then maybe we could have a conversation….

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