The War On Science

I am sure by now you have heard the accusations that the Right is having a war on women, a war on minorities and a war on science…….but you know the Right is not by itself…….liberals are just as bad and as hard on science……I know….what the Hell?

(Newser) – Conventional wisdom holds that Republicans, not Democrats, are waging a war on science. But “there’s a liberal war on science” too, writes Michael Shermer in Scientific American. Yes, it’s true that 58% of conservatives believe humans were created, by God, in the past 10,000 years. But 41% of liberals hold that same belief. Similarly, 51% of Republicans doubt the Earth is heating up, but 19% of Democrats feel the same way. “These numbers do not exactly bolster the common belief that liberals are the people of the science book,” Shermer writes.

And there’s more: Liberals tend to be against nuclear energy (waste disposal issues), hydroelectric energy (dams in rivers interfere with ecosystems), fossil fuels (climate change), and wind power (bird deaths). And then there’s the fight against genetically modified foods, even though GMOs are really the only way we can feed the planet. “The underlying current is ‘everything natural is good’ and ‘everything unnatural is bad,'” Shermer writes. The truth is that both sides treat science just about equally, they just feel strongly about different issues. It’s time to encourage moderation on both sides. Click for Shermer’s full column.

Hypocrites!  Any thoughts?


7 thoughts on “The War On Science

  1. A couple of thoughts. People who believe that man was “created” within the last 10,000 years are just undecuated idiots – so that’s that dealt with.

    The thing with GMO in my mind is two-fold.

    1. The companies want to “Patent” all these crops. That gives them control over farmers world wide. Many of the crops are un-propogating. In other words, the farmers are not allowed to use the seeds for sowing next year, they must go back to the GMO company to buy new ones next year. They control the prices. So it’s not about feeding the world its about making huge profits.

    Did you know that when the Americans went into Iraq, they distroyed all the grain reserves and wrote into the new Iraqi constitution that all crops had to be bought through Monsanto and no one else. Google it if you can’t believe it. Dick Cheney was (or is?) on the board of Monsanto.

    2. If GMO is the solution then great but the research is still in its early days. Birds and insects will carry the genetically modified material into other parts of the food chain. We don’t know for sure what the consequences might be. So, caution is the word – not banning.

    1. Bill, great points….the invasion of Iraq was for a lot more reasons than Saddam was a prick…..look at their oil or their defense budget…..I wish that I could say that Americans would be cautious but I know from experience they will NOT!

  2. Thoughts? Yes

    What Bill said about GMOs and I would add that there is some evidence that GMOs carry some health risks associated with cancer. Monsanto has millions invested in their product and like big oil fighting the climate science they are subsiding talking points by people who will try to discredit any arguments that oppose GMOs.

    And the 19% Democrats that don’t think the earth is heating assumes that all Democrats are liberals. They’re not. But I’m sure that 100% of liberals believing the same thing all the time is highly unlikely.

    What this writer seems to overlook is that minorities don’t influence legislation effectively and since ALL of the Republicans in Congress are blocking needed legislation to fight climate change, who gives a shit if a handful of Democratic voters don’t think the earth is warming? 98% of the climate scientists say they’re wrong. You don’t take advice from a podiatrist about your heart condition.

  3. Another consideration with the GMO is how these crops are being used to pollute the stock of those who save their seeds. After the stocks are polluted, the corporation comes in and punishes the farmer for “illegally” using their product.

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