Burning Down The House

Nope not the song from the 80’s by the Talking Heads…..but rather that iconic photo of the Nazis throwing books onto the roaring fire in Nuremberg (I believe)……they were burning books that they thought were destroying the German society….you know those books like philosophy and such……those damn intellectuals will destroy the nation and all the good work that the leader has accomplished….

The US cannot say that such things NEVER happened here……I recall back in the 60’s when the Beatles made an off the cuff statement about their popularity and the country went nuts burning their records in protest…..and then there was that whack-a-doodle preacher in Florida that was trying to gain some notoriety by having az Qur’an burning……so we are not strangers to this type of slow mentality……

After the mass killing in Newtown we heard all kinds of answers to curbing this type of violence…..from banning guns to armed vigilanbtes patrolling our schools….and all the blame….like music, bureaucracy and those damn video games……..but this is just f*cking silly!

Newser) – The Newtown shooting has America understandably on edge. “But are we really hoping to purge our collective soul by demolishing copies of Halo 4?” asks Liel Leibovitz at the New Republic. The town of Southington, Conn., plans to do just that on Saturday. Past cultural bête noires—from comic books to gangsta rap to television—have seen similar burnings, but video games are a unique case. They’re not consumed, they’re played. “The digital violence we witness on-screen comes from our own hands,” Leibovitz writes.

That may sound scary, but as all gamers know, the experience “has more to do with our thumbs than it does with our minds,” resembling contact sports more than watching TV. What’s more, it’s “not fundamentally different than what previous generations have done, when sticks served as swords or hands as pistols.” It’s play. Then, as ever, it helps people deal with intense experience in a safe, sublimated way. “By confiscating and burning their games, parents risk extinguishing a critical outlet—and creating the very problem they were trying to avoid,” he writes. Click for Leibovitz’s full column

I could go on and on and stir up all kinds of BS….there is an answer…you may not like it…..but there is an answer.  And this feat of stupidity is NOT IT!


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