What A Cluster F*#k!

After McCain got crushed by Obama in 2008, the GOP decide that it would have been better if the nominee had been Mitt Romney and to prevent this type of thing from happening again, the most desirable character being out of the race by February, they set about changing the primary system….they changed some of the winner take all system and changed up the dates when primaries could be held….all this to try and save Romney from being put out of the race early and trying to give him the win as the inevitable nominee…..and the ruling by SCOTUS that corporations were people and the creation of the Super PAC system….they thought that their problems were over…..

And now in 2012 we are seeing just how successful this new system has become……it is  cluster f*ck!

let’s look at a few of the contests that have taken place so far…..Iowa….Romney won…no..it was a tie….well no Santorum won…and then there was South Carolina where Super Pacs made all the difference, just not in Romney favor….Newt won….on to Florida which because it moved for the GOP approved date lost half its delegates to 49….but the issuing of delegates has been challenged by the also rans so none have been awarded yet…..now onto Missouri and its primary…..a primary where NO delegates were awarded that to be done in a caucus later this year….Next was Nevada caucus…..it took 2 days after the fact to announce an official winner and now the Maine caucus…..the winner was announced, it was Romney….the problem is that 3 counties in Maine did NOT have their votes counted….so the state GOP just has these counties down as zero votes……

Are you starting to see a pattern here?  And yes…..cluster f*ck is as polite as I can get on this situation.  But it also appears the Repubs are starting to see a problem (finally)……..

In light of the controversies surrounding a number of the Republican caucuses this presidential nomination cycle, The Fix reports that a number of top Republicans are pushing for a review of the system.

“Caucuses are inherently less organized than primaries, in large part because they are run by state parties and don’t have experienced state elections officials in charge. Because of this, methods may not be the same at every caucus site, and the paper trail isn’t as reliable. At the same time, party rules have effectively increased the importance of caucuses by pushing them to the front of the process. The Republican National Committee allows only four states to hold their contests before March, but that rule doesn’t apply to caucuses, which don’t technically have a direct impact on the allocation of delegates… Given the increasing importance of caucus states, top RNC officials say its time for a review of the caucus process.”

All that back slapping back a couple of years ago has proven to be a huge mistake…….but the next question should be, “what have they learned from this situation”?

The one thing that is obvious is that the caucus system can be gamed in a wealth of directions…..ask Ron Paul…..

Personally, I think all this confusion and bitterness can be avoided by a national primary or at least 4 regional primaries…..NO caucusing, only voting!  (and that my friends is another post for another day)


4 thoughts on “What A Cluster F*#k!

  1. Personally I think we spend way too much time and money campaigning. Most other countries get out their efforts just a month or two before the election without all of the dog and pony shows that we exhibit.

    1. Larry,I agree but we both know that our politicians do not want that…..perfect would be a 3 month campaign season, all money out of the races, an term limits and no lobby work for 10 years after leaving the Congress….throw in 4 regional primaries(tomorrow’s post)….and of course the media will not let this all happen either….no matter what the American people want…

  2. Good read dude! Like everything in our lives, the GOP wanted to control it, I have to say I couldn’t be happier that it blew up in their faces.

    And they did want to game the system in favor of Mittens yet… it’s only screwed the pooch for them. assholes. 😉

    1. Hiya Dusty…hope all is ok……

      Thanx for the props….yep they tried to game the system and it was a booby trap…damn I love when politicians fuck themselves…

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