Trump In 2020

The report is history and now the news medias will have to find something else to inject into the conversation of the nation…….how about 2020?

Looks like Trump will run for re-election in 2020…..and did you know he is the only president that has NEVER gotten the support of the majority of the nation?

His support has NEVER rose beyond 45%…….

Donald Trump is the first president to fail to win over the support of a majority of Americans during his term, according to an analysis of Gallup polls by the New York Times.

While Trump’s low polling numbers come after George W. Bush failed to earn a majority of support in his second term and Barack Obama failed to earn a majority in the last three years of his presidency, they still mark a record low for presidential approval ratings.

The Times report, which was written by the paper’s chief White House correspondent Peter Baker, noted that the majority of Americans haven’t backed Trump for even a day of his presidency, while his approval rating has fluctuated between 35 to 45 percent.

Plus there is bad news for those that do not like Trump (full disclosure…I am one of them)…..there seems to be a consensus that Trump could win re-election…..

Most Americans don’t like Donald Trump.

Trump will most likely be reelected in 2020.

How can both of these statements be true? Here’s how:

Even when people are unhappy with a state of affairs, they are usually disinclined to change it. In my area of research, the cognitive and behavioral sciences, this is known as the “default effect.”

Software and entertainment companies exploit this tendency to empower programs to collect as much data as possible from consumers, or to keep us glued to our seats for “one more episode” of a streaming show. Overall, only 5 percent of users ever change these settings, despite widespread concerns about how companies might be using collected information or manipulating people’s choices.

Yes you read that right……but how can this be?

Democrats accuse President Donald Trump of violating the norms of the American presidency and of the US political system, and in most cases, they’re correct.

Unfortunately, instead of making clear they will right where Trump went wrong, some members of the party apparatus and 2020 presidential candidates aren’t advocating correction. What they’re proposing seeks to overcorrect, creating an environment in which Trump can win a second term by labeling Democrats the extremists.

Trump’s routine trashing of the free press, his dismissal of the intelligence community and the people he handpicked to lead those agencies, and his attacks on the Justice Department apparatus investigating Russian involvement in the 2016 election have created a political climate unlike any other we have seen in modern times.

There are 3 reasons why Trump could win….again…..

It seems absurd to believe that America could make the same mistake again, to elect an ignorant and vulgar narcissist to the most powerful position in the world. But we can’t underestimate the ability of the self-serving super-rich to convince millions of Americans that a surging stock market and a powerful military are essential to their livelihoods. All at the expense of jobs and health care and education.

There are at least three good reasons—strangely and sadly enough—why Trump could win again.

Dems need to focus less on Trump and more on bread and butter issues to the voter…health care, jobs, income, etc……if they focus on being anti-Trump then I feel they will lose the election.

2020 will be an interesting election…one unlike anything most Americans have never seen….but with that said I do not believe either presidential candidate will have a walk in the park……

“The 2020 election isn’t going to be close.”

That’s the provocative first line of a Washington Post piece by conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt in which he makes the case — as you might have already surmised — that President Donald Trump will be easily reelected.

Here’s the key piece of the Hewitt case, referencing the positive gross domestic product number released last week:

Keep in mind something that I posted back in the early days of the 2016 campaign………

So to contradict the MSM, who desperately wants Biden as the nominee, the country does not need another Obama-esque candidate…..that ended badly in 2016.

The key to saving the country is……

Learn Stuff!


Fox Will Have A Stroke–Merry Xmas!

He said with crossed fingers.

I have given my readers the bad news and now the Good!

The best news for the conservative mindset has been the low approval ratings of the president in the last 2 years or so.  There has been hour after of hour of online shows and the conservative blogosphere has been awash with posts on his demise as a president.  Rush, Breitbart,  Jones and the rest of the mental midgets on the Right have had a field day with Obama’s sagging approval rates……

Obama has raised the ire of the Right in the last month with his immigration and the recognition of Cuba…..the prophets of doom have been running in overdrive…….

Listen!  Can you hear the tires of that bus squealing?”

It is indeed a merry Christmas for President Obama, whose approval rating has jumped to 48%, a 20-month high, CNN reports. The increase comes alongside Obama’s unilateral actions on immigration and Cuba relations, both of which have been popular, polls show; CNN also pins the jump on “improving views of the economy.” Specifically, approval for the president increased among women, independents, and millennials, while dropping among men, Republicans, and those aged 35 to 49.

The GOP will make hay out of this news……especially FOX….they will focus on the ratings with old white guys and the 35-49 group……

This will most likely give me a good Christmas gift…….the indigestion of a Republican….nothing can be sweeter than a GOPer with an aggravated ulcer.  And they do not have to waste time wrapping it……

Obama Presidency: Year One Report Card

Inkwell Institute

I decided to offer my analysis of the Obama Admin before his year is up….that way I cannot be accused of letting others influence my analysis… technique will be a percentage grade and a letter grade for the different categories and then an overall grade in the conclusion……

I know….I know….this is a bit early for a one year evaluation…but we bloggers have been blamed with just following the leader on many issues and I thought I would eliminate that accusation before someone had a chance to level it…..onward and upward!

Foreign Policy:

Diplomacy:  95%–because Obama is trying to turn the world away from the distaste for American policies–A+

War:  75%–because he ran and won on an anti-war rhetoric and he has done little to end these conflicts.  He has set a couple of deadlines for troop removal….a promising turn–C


Stimulus:  90%–because he helped stop the economic skid into oblivion…..B+

Jobs:  65%–because there has been lots of lip action….F


This category will cover everything from education to energy to ……well use your imagination…..75%–because little has been done to improve the lives of American citizens….C


50%–he has NOT done what he was sent to Washington to be…the leader…if he cannot get an issue passed even when he has a 60 vote majority in the Senate …then he has failed….F

Approval of the American people:  70%–because he has helped Wall Street become MORE profitable than before the crash and Main Street less profitable…..he is not holding the approval of the people……D

Finally…there is EFFORT……Obama has tried to tackle as many issues as he could….because of that effort I give him 95%…..A

Now for Pres. Obama’s score for his first year as president…….he plays well with others…..participation needs work….needs to be more assertive……his score total is 80% or educational terms ….a C+!

In his inauguration OBama said, “Change has come to America” and that was the truth…but the only change that has come is that there is not some white dude in the Oval Office……