We Need An Economic Bill Of Rights

This election cycle there seems to be a call from the Left for a new idea they call the “Economic Bill of Rights”…….Bernie, Warren, Harris et al will call for this to be the law of the land….

I agree…there needs to be some sort of economic reset so that poverty does not become the “law of the land”….

The problem with this idea is that it is old hat…..this idea was floated by FDR back in 1944 just before he died….and the idea apparently died with him for Truman made no mention of it…..there were some of the same ideas being floated by Dems for 2020…..

Among these are:

  • The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;
  • The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation;
  • The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living;
  • The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad;
  • The right of every family to a decent home;
  • The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health;
  • The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment;
  • The right to a good education.


What was old is new again!

It’s time to think big. The rules that govern our economy are working best for far too few, at the expense of far too many. While Republicans have sought to dismantle the New Deal and the regulatory apparatus that was developed to protect Americans from an unfettered private sector, Democrats in recent decade have mustered no more than incremental changes to an increasingly unequal and unfair economy. The rise of Donald Trump provides a political lesson for both Democrats and Republicans: People are looking outside the box. Despite the vast gulf between the two major political parties on many issues, on fundamentals both have adhered to a neoliberal agenda of deregulation, reliance on market-based solutions to our social problems, and a devolution of the role of government in ensuring and enforcing Americans’ right to a decent standard of living, economic dignity and economic mobility. 

Direct government intervention for full employment, a cornerstone of the Democratic Party Platform for almost half a century, has been all but forgotten, replaced by a commitment to market liberalization or tax incentives and other subsidies for corporate America to cajole them into hiring more workers. Policies put forth by Hillary Clinton in 2016, which included raising the minimum wage and promoting equal pay for equal work for women, would have improvde the lives of many working Americans – but they do not go nearly far enough.  They do not address the fundamental problem of increasing risk and vulnerability—employment “precarity”—confronting the American workforce.

Let us be clear: Our economic reality is not mere circumstance; these are the result of policy choices.


Ask yourself why the Dem Party forgot this plan until recently.  In an age when Dems were extremely popular why did they abandon such a great program?

I know why…..do you?

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Now take what you ahe learned and….VOTE!

Making America Great Again–Part 24

I have been posting this series written by Maj. Sjursen on the history of the US…..he has taken us from the first inklings of nation through the revolution to the Constitution fight to 1812 and the westward movement and has brought us to this point in our history….presidency of FDR and his New Deal….

In case my reader has not been keeping up with the post then you can get caught up……

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Now onto Part 24 and FDR and his New Deal…

A cropped version of Dorothea Lange’s iconic image of Florence Owens Thompson and some of her children, photographed at a California migrant camp in 1936. “Migrant Mother,” laden with trouble, would come to be seen as a depiction of the mood of a nation gripped by the Great Depression.

Part 24 of “American History for Truthdiggers.”

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* * *

FDR was neither radical nor conservative, no matter what his defenders and critics claimed, both then and now. One part “traitor to his class” and another part defender of capitalism, he was both dangerously power hungry and the savior of American-style liberal democracy. This man was—like his party’s co-founder, Thomas Jefferson—an enigma, an unknowable sphinx. And yet he was the man for his moment. Indeed, FDR and his “New Deal,” as both a response to economic depression and reorganization of society, represent one of the most profound transitions in U.S. history. FDR served as president (1933-45) longer than anyone before or since, elected four times by wide margins. His opponents feared the man, and his supporters canonized him with rare and remarkable passion.

American history is fascinating….read more to learn more.
Learn Stuff!
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Let’s Go To 1933

My regulars know how much I like history and historic events……I look for history that is not common knowledge……

There some points in history that historians prefer to ignore….but they were events that shape our country whether we like the events or not…..and this is one of those forgotten points.

85 years ago this year FDR was inaugurated and his  policies to turn the country around…..his was an ambitious plan for the country….

On March 4, 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is inaugurated as the 32nd president of the United States. In his famous inaugural address, delivered outside the east wing of the U.S. Capitol, Roosevelt outlined his “New Deal”–an expansion of the federal government as an instrument of employment opportunity and welfare–and told Americans that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Although it was a rainy day in Washington, and gusts of rain blew over Roosevelt as he spoke, he delivered a speech that radiated optimism and competence, and a broad majority of Americans united behind their new president and his radical economic proposals to lead the nation out of the Great Depression.


To say that all Americans were on the side of change would be just plain wrong……as a matter of fact there was a planned coup in 1933 and a very familiar family name was part of this operation…..the elder Bush….not GHW but rather Prescott…..

To help you get your head around this…..a short video…..

Then in 1934 the sh*t hit the fan…….

I’m back from the land of heather and thistles, not to mention wee drams and lukewarm ale, but on my way out a friend at the BBC alerted me to this, a not-to-miss program on the BBC this morning, accessible over the next several days by internet. It’s the story of the Plot Against America. I don’t mean the Philip Roth novel, nor even the Sinclair Lewis book, It Can’t Happen Here, but rather the historical events upon which these two works of fiction were based.

In November 1934, federal investigators uncovered an amazing plot involving some two dozen senior businessmen, a good many of them Wall Street financiers, to topple the government of the United States and install a fascist dictatorship. Roth’s novel is developed from several strands of this factual account; he assumed the plot is actually carried out, whereas in fact an alert FDR shut it down but stopped short of retaliatory measures against the plotters. A key element of the plot involved a retired prominent general who was to have raised a private army of 500,000 men from unemployed veterans and who blew the whistle when he learned more of what the plot entailed. The plot was heavily funded and well developed and had strong links with fascist forces abroad. A story in the New York Times and several other newspapers reported on it, and a special Congressional committee was created to conduct an investigation. The records of this committee were scrubbed and sealed away in the National Archives, where they have only recently been made available.


Ever notice the history that academics have forgotten?

Well the old professor tries to bring the stuff to light whenever he can…..

Class Dismissed!

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Darkness at Noon: FDR and the Holocaust

These days with all the craziness being committed in the Middle East…..all the killing….all the violence….all the destruction…..the conversation almost always turns to the horrors of the Holocaust.

Since I am a devotee of historical stuff I thought I would give the thoughts of FDR and the Holocaust…..FDR has been credited with many things….but what did he know or do after learning about the Holocaust?

What did the era’s most prominent symbol of humanitarianism think when confronted with the world’s most compelling moral outrage? History records only a question mark.

Source: Darkness at Noon: FDR and the Holocaust | World Affairs Journal

Hopefully my reader learned something that was not known before reading…..

Who Was The True American Liberal Lion?

Yesterday was Constitution Day and keeping with the thought I decided to post this draft I have had for some time and could not decide when to post it……..A title many have sought, but few can claim……..NOW is as good of a time as any……

With the death of Ted Kennedy many have been calling him America’s liberal lion….a good title for a man that work tirelessly for the middle class and the poor his whole career and did so with the help of many Repubs in the Senate…….he deserves the title….but was he America’s “real” liberal lion?

There have been many Americans that could claim this title….How about FDR?  Regardless of what you think of his politics, he was and is an American liberal lion.  His policies did more to help the American people cope with a massive depression and still be able to look to the future, even when all was bleak.  Without his policies there would be many more Americans living in poverty than there are today and we have way too many doing so these days……but does he deserve the title of “American Liberal lion”?

Or….let us step back a little further into our history……how about Woodrow Wilson as the American Liberal lion?  I know…I know…he got us into WWI….but there was more to him than that….besides being the only president that had a PhD……….he gave us many liberal policies, unfortunately most have been totally crap on in the years afterward…policies like the Fed (who many think is some sort of anti-Christ)….or the Federal trade commission….or the income tax (which he is being demonized for)…..or Clayton Anti-trust Act…….or the Federal Farm Program (which is a buzz kill for conservs)……and the League of Nations, forerunner of the UN, was his idea (which is being crapped on from all quarters)……whether you believe in his policies or not….they were very liberal for the day and in some cases liberal by today’s standards as well……with all his accomplishments can he wear the mantle of American Liberal Lion?

Another step into history……how about our Teddy Roosevelt?  Yes!  I said TR was a liberal!  Not while he was president but later when he and Taft had the split in the GOP.  Why would I say he was a liberal?  The Progressive Party that he founded for the 1912 election….some could say that his battle with Taft gave Wilson the presidency….that would be his detractors……but a liberal?  Believe it or not…a liberal!  Some of the policies pursued by the Progressive Party……national health insurance, women’s suffrage, workers compensation, limits and disclosure of campaign donations, just to mention a few of the ideas……so yes….very liberal ideas….but a liberal lion?

Let me stop pussy footing around……we can look at each of the so-called “liberals” through our history but the one true American liberal lion is……Thomas Paine!

Why would I say that?  After all he was a Brit that came to the Colonies for a job in printing…..good one!  But shows a serious lack of American history….

Before the publishing of  “Common Sense” which Paine wrote about the colonies should declare independence and establish our own country….most of the so-called revolutionaries were more concerned with reconciliation with Mother England than declaring independence…..even the “hero” of the revolution, Washington once wrote to a friend….

If you ever hear of my joining any such measures, you have my leave to set me down for everything wicked.

And then there is everybody”s “hero”,  Jefferson…….

“Believe me , dear sir, there is not in the British Empire a man who more cordially loves a union with Great Britain more than I…..It is neither our wish or our interest to separate from her (England).  ……Let them name their terms and let them be just….”

As you can see most of the Founder’s were more concerned with reconciliation than independence….all that changed after the publishing of  “Common Sense”….once the common man heard what Paine was saying the movement for independence became more common place…..Paine’s very liberal concept…..but it did not stop there…..

Paine was the first person in the colonies to talk about ideas publicly like….

He proposed the Abolition of Negro Slavery; proposed Arbitration for International Peace; advocated Justice for Women; pointed out the Reality of Human Brotherhood; suggested International Copyright; invented a suspension bridge and smokeless candle; proposed the Education of Children of the Poor at public expense; suggested a Great Republic of All Nations of the world.  He urged the Purchase of the great Louisiana Territory.  He proposed pension payments or Old Age Pensions.  He also suggested protection for dumb animals.

All ideas are LIBERAL….he was very outspoken on these issues…..and because he was so outspoken….he deserves the title,  American Liberal Lion……all others that came after Paine are just pale imitations of a TRUE Liberal Lion…..if we had listened to the others then our independence would have been a long time coming and we would look more like Canada…….

We should honor him for what he was……THE TRUE FOUNDER OF THE USA…..Why?  He was even the FIRST person to use the title United States Of America………and AMERICA’S ORIGINAL LIBERAL LION!

2011 Anal-Ocity #18

Once again…it is been a busy year, so far, for those that have a bad case of  “Foot In Mouth” Disease….we have a great collection of anal statements and should have a hard time deciding later this year on the winner of the Assie…..(just a reminbder….my readers get to vote on the winner in December)…….

The newest anal statement comes from a repeat nominee….Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia (R)…..while giving one of his many speeches on the floor of the House….he said this about Obama and FDR……

“In fact, Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent his advisors, his close friends, his cabinet people to go visit with Stalin in communist Russia to study what he was doing, what Stalin was doing there so that FDR could replicate it here in the United States.”

When FDR was considering the New Deal….would it not make more sense to send them to Germany?  That country was one of the first countries out of the Great Depression…Russia was just starting into the industrial revolution at the time and was still basically an agrarian state…….sorry to tell Broun this but the policies that FDR and the Congress enacted actually saved the country and capitalism from the growing radicalization of the American people because of the horrible conditions that the country was in…..if Broun is a natural Georgian….I would bet that his family profited from the New Deal in one way or the other because much of the assistance went to the South…….

I have found that since the Civil Rights Act…southern politician make up history to suit their narrative……and it WORKS!

The “New Deal” Was A Failure!

From a piece written in the NY Times by Adam Cohen.

Repubs are grasping at straws as usual trying desperately to find anything that will stop their party’s erosion.  This time the new talking point is the the New Deal of FDR was a failure and did little to help the country.  Sounds more like revisionists trying to rewrite history.

Conservatives have railed against the New Deal from the start. In 1934, H. L. Mencken was already decrying it as “a saturnalia of expropriation and waste.” When F.D.R. ran for re-election in 1936, a headline in William Randolph Hearst’s newspapers insisted that “Moscow Backs Roosevelt.”

But Americans were not fooled. They knew F.D.R. was on their side in a way that Herbert Hoover and his fellow free-marketers hadn’t been. They could see first-hand the good that Roosevelt’s jobs programs were doing for the Depression’s victims and the slow but unmistakable improvements in the economy.

Anti-New Deal rhetoric has never disappeared from American political life. When Barry Goldwater ran for president in 1964, he attacked President Dwight Eisenhower for having presided over a “dime store New Deal.” But in recent years, the attacks have heated up.

At the start of the Bush administration, conservatives talked openly about rolling back the New Deal. They were trying to unravel the regulatory state, including protections for workers, consumers and investors. They were also promoting a favorite cause of Wall Street’s: privatizing Social Security, the crown jewel of the New Deal.

These days the public is in no mood, given the high costs of deregulation in the mortgage industry and the Bernard Madoff scandal, for more talk about dismantling regulations and federal oversight. But today, the new focus is Mr. Obama’s stimulus package. If F.D.R.’s New Deal spending made things worse, it follows that the Obama administration should not make the same mistake.

The anti-New Deal line is wrong as a matter of economics. F.D.R.’s spending programs did help the economy and created millions of new jobs. The problem, we now know, is not that F.D.R. spent too much priming the pump, but rather that he spent too little. It was his decision to cut back on spending on New Deal programs that brought about a nasty recession in 1937-38.

The second problem is that the criticism overlooks the relief Roosevelt’s programs brought to millions. When F.D.R. took office, unemployment was 25 percent, and families were losing their homes, living in shantytowns, even fighting one another for food at garbage dumps.