Who Can Explain Mitt’s Loss?

I know….I know…….enough already!

This will be my last (hopefully) post on the 2012 election…….there have been so many reasons given for the GOP loss in the past election…..some say “fact checkers” cost them the election, some say it was the MSM….other blame pollsters……I have even heard the it was Newt’s fault for his stinging attacks during the primaries……..But I am sure you have heard some that I have not…..but what can explain the loss?

The best analysis that I have seen was that of Gov. Barbour.

Gov. Haley Barbour, former governor of Mississippi, former lobbyist, former chairman of the RNC, former head of the Repub governors assn……former….well you get the idea….this guy is Mr. GOP.  I live in his state and have never been a supporter of his……but I will say that there is not a more astute politician than Barbour.  No matter what you man think of the man…he is smarter than the average GOP strategist…….and his analysis of why the GOP lost so badly is summed up in a few words…..

This is a direct quote from Gov. Barbour……..

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) had a simple explanation for why Republicans didn’t do better in U.S. Senate races, Ben Smith reports.

And it wasn’t about the party being too conservative.

Said Barbour: “We had some shitty candidates. We pissed away two seats.”

Let us emphasize his analysis for effect…….

“We (GOP) had some shitty candidates.  We pissed away two seats.”

Enough said!

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