So Much We Do Not Know

That is my thought on the Ukraine/Russia mash-up…..why?  That is an easy answer and it comes from the MSM…..

For instance….Take a look at the newest ‘aid’ package from the US….

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Thursday that the US will send about $10 billion in additional economic assistance to Ukraine in the coming months.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last year, the US has given Kyiv at least $13 billion in budgetary aid, economic assistance that goes directly to the Ukrainian government to fund government services, pensions, and healthcare.

“Our economic assistance is making Ukraine’s resistance possible by supporting the home front: funding critical public services and helping keep the government running,” Yellen said in India ahead of a meeting of G20 finance ministers.

“In the coming months, we expect to provide around $10 billion in additional economic support for Ukraine,” she said.

So far, the US has approved $113 billion in spending on the war, which includes military aid, training, funds for the Pentagon to replenish stockpiles and pay for troop deployments, and economic a


Great deal….we cannot afford to fund our country but we have cash for some other nation.  Why is that?

According to the mainstream Western narrative, Vladimir Putin is an insatiable, Hitler-like expansionist who invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked land grab.

That is a convenient answer that will keep most of the public in the dark about why.

As I have asked many times before….why are there no answers to so many question?

The first question is the same one I have asked many many times….what does the US expect to be the return on our massive investment in the country?

This one never gets a good answer….usually it is some emotional response about the desire of Putin or his mental grasp on reality.

My next question is …..if the Ukrainian military is receiving advanced training from NATO and being rewarded with all this advanced weaponry like artillery, tanks, etc and if the Russian military is in disarray and badly trained….why is the conflict still raging? I mean the MSM gives us the glowing reports on the accomplishments of the Ukrainians….why is there not more progress beyond a basic stalemate?

Here is the situation…..


All aid that Ukraine has received and yet they cannot re-take a small mining town of Bakhmut…..even Zelensky has said they may leave it for the Russians…..

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Ukraine would continue to defend the eastern Donetsk city of Bakmut but “not at any price,” signaling that Ukrainian forces might be considering a withdrawal.

“Yes, it is not a particularly big town. In fact, like many others in Donbas, (it’s been) devastated by the Russians. It is important for us to defend it, but not at any price and not for everyone to die,” Zelensky said in an interview published Sunday, according to Reuters.

Bakhmut’s pre-war population was about 70,000, but now Ukrainian officials estimate only about 5,000 people live in the city. Russian and Ukrainian forces have been locked in fighting over Bakhmut for months, and Ukraine has taken heavy casualties defending the area.

Ukrainian officials still maintain that they want to recapture all the territory Russia controls, including Crimea. Oleksiy Danilov, the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council, said over the weekend that the war won’t be over until “our tanks will be parked on Moscow’s Red Square.”


Not much change in the situation on the ground….why is that?

Any answers for my questions?

I am amazed just how deep the indifference of the American public actually goes.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


44 thoughts on “So Much We Do Not Know

  1. Nobody wants to hear the questions, mainly beciuse they are ignorant of the history of the region, so have no answers. When I try to talk to people here about the reasons for the war, they cannot argue past Putin. A sure sign they knew nothing about the situation before 2022.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. My problem as well….plus they only know Russia bad….Zelensky good…..simplistic is the best anyone can do…..anything else will take thought and that would mean less time for social media. chuq

  2. …..why is there not more progress beyond a basic stalemate?

    There are many factors, foremost that Russia is far more of a developed and industrialized economy and military than UKR…..and has an enormous conscript pool (though it’s telling that they’ve had to bring in PMCs). The Ukrainian armed forces were using the Soviet military model when they regained their independence a few decades ago. They’ve been steadily transforming to a western-style paradigm, really since circa 2014. It takes time and effort to solidify the institutional and logistical foundation for such an evolution.

    That Ukraine has held off the bear, even before western military aid began pouring in, speaks volumes about their national resilience.

      1. They held their own in the early days of the invasion, due in equal parts to their sense of national survival, and the abysmal planning by RUSFOR. Since western aid has begun, UKR has pushed the Russians back on almost every front. turning a few of their naval surface vessels into submersibles along the way. Do you only see progress when victory has been achieved?

      2. Yes they held their own in the early days but since they are better trained and armed and yet it is still a stalemate….depends what you are looking for ….then yes…..for the cash thrown at them I do not see much ‘success’. chuq

  3. That said, the RUS armed forces logistics system is horrendous. Soldiers are still issued leg wraps instead of socks. Uniformity of clothing and equipment is an apparent afterthought. And the much vaunted equipment like the T-90 and T-14….have shown themselves to be Potemkin facades. But they have people. Lot’s of people….and lots of Cold War era stocks. And they keep churning the meat grinder for Putin’s lies.

  4. The United States has been providing financial support to Ukraine since 2014, when the country was facing a major political crisis. This support is seen as an investment in the future of Ukraine and its people. The U.S. government believes that by helping Ukraine become a stable and prosperous nation, it will be able to create a more secure and prosperous Europe as well.

    The U.S.’s financial support for Ukraine is also seen as an important way to counter Russian aggression in the region, which has been ongoing since 2014. In addition, it is believed that this support can help promote democracy and human rights in the country, which are essential for long-term stability in the region.

    Despite having limited resources of its own, the U.S.’s commitment to supporting Ukraine speaks volumes about its commitment to global security and stability. It also serves as an example of how countries can work together to achieve common goals despite their differences in resources or capabilities.

    1. At the price of this country…and should not Europe be more invested since it keeping Putin out of their Main Street? I do not see any progress in any of those areas…..chuq

      1. And the American people are ok with that….but they piss and moan about any help the residents get in this country. chuq

      2. The residents in THIS country get plenty of help from the government so the pissers and moaners apparently do not have a clue as to how good they actually have it here in the land of handouts and freebies.

      3. If you believe that “Reports are true” you need to reevaluate the source of your reports because no matter the source of the reports they will have been militarized in such a fashion as to gain the most military advantage —

      4. I always doubt the reports…too many just regurgitate what the MSM tells them is the situation….without challenge. chuq

      5. There are some facts about why the United States carries the Lion’s share of the International financial aid — “The United States has long been the leader in international affairs, and its foreign policy has been a major factor in shaping the world. As a result, the U.S. is often asked to contribute financially to global efforts, such as providing aid to other countries or helping pay for international organizations like the United Nations. This is why the U.S. often pays more than other countries when it comes to foreign affairs- because it is expected to take on a larger role in global affairs and ensure that these efforts are successful. — We may not like it— we may not agree with it, but that is the way it is.

      6. And we should roll over and accept the stuff they throw….only because it is profitable….fuck everything else. chuq

      1. That’s right. But since they cannot disable Russia’s ability to conduct war like US bombers did to Germany and Japan in WW2, Ukraine can never win. Russia does not have to end the war until Ukraine collapses. No need to have a settlement. The “settlement” will be when Russia completely occupies the ruins of devastation with all infrastructure destroyed. What could Russia do with it ?

  5. War is not always about profit. In the case of Russia and Ukraine and our support for Ukraine in that war, we are trying to prevent the aggressor from moving into NATO countries and eventually possibly even our own Alaska which was once also a part of that soviet empire that Poontang is trying to reinvigorate. Our own security and the security of the rest of the world depends on the outcome in Ukraine and it is not always about profits.

    1. War is always about cash….you really think the Russian army is capable of an invasion of Europe? If reports are true then they would be silly to do so. chuq

      1. Once the Chinese throw in with the Russians — and there is no doubt in my mind that they will … they will indeed be able to invade Europe and the United States will be weakened by having to fight the war on two fronts … in Europe and in the Asian theater .. and we are nowhere near ready for that.

      2. That is a scenario that I do not agree with…at least today…things change but right now the only threat they present possibly is to Taiwan….do not work that squeaky wheel will be greased. chuq

      3. If you are not planning to leave us before 2025, you will see what I am talking about. Thwere is every reason to believe that by 2025 we will be in war with both China and Russia.

      4. They are both lying in wait together to see how they can further weaken us. Russia is working to weaken us through depleting our fiscal resources and our own ammunition stores in the Ukrainian conflict….and our reserves are running low ….and China is using the Taiwan threat to keep us spending money in the Asian theater — a war that we would lose in Houir No. 1 if it ever ignites —and I guess shoveling up the pieces of your loved ones after a bomb wrecks your home would be reason enough for panic …

      5. Not our UTTER destruction probably but enough to give people nightmares for a hundred years or so.

      6. There are people who know more than we do and they will not share in order to prevent panic but when the time comes the facts will be self evident.

      7. I can almost see how Americans would react if a Russian missile blew up in their back yard –“Pandemonium” wouldldn’t even begin to cover the definition of what would happen.

      8. I have lived on this planet for 84 years and I can never remember a time when there were not a myriad of pressing issues.

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