When Will They Ever Learn?

The question is for those readers that may have voted GOP…why?

When has the party actually improved your life?

If you are no better today than you were 10 years ago….should you not consider a change?

The reason I ask these questions is the track record of the GOP

When will Republican voters figure out how badly they’re getting screwed by Republican politicians?

— Desperate workers struggle with soaring rents (courtesy of Republican-donor hedge funds);
— lack of healthcare (12 GOP-controlled states still refuse to expand Medicaid for under-$15,000/year workers) is literally killing Americans;
— wages have flatlined since Reagan declared war on workers in 1981 while the merely rich have become the morbidly rich;
— Americans pay 10 times as much as Canadians for some drugs because Republicans block any effort to bring competition to that marketplace;
— at the same time Trump and his GOP buddies in the House and Senate borrowed $1.7 trillion to fund a tax giveaway to his billionaire buddies, student debt passed the $1.7 trillion mark…

Yet somehow the “conservative” base voters never seem to figure it out. Why?

Most Republican voters don’t think much about it, but there are two very distinct layers to the GOP. It’s like a pyramid with a capstone at the very top.

The vast base of the pyramid are the white voters who Richard Nixon invited into the party after the Democrats embraced racial equality in 1964/1965 with the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

They mostly live in all-white neighborhoods, attend all-white churches, and send their kids to all-white schools. While most aren’t the Confederate-flag-toting “out and open” racists like the folks who showed up at the Capitol on January 6th, they’re nonetheless “uncomfortable” with nonwhite people. It’s their “culture,” they’ll tell you.


GOP voters are the tool of their own oppression….and they smile about it all the way to the polls.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are desperately trying to salvage the Child Tax Credit expansion, which pulled millions of children out of poverty.

Reducing child poverty is especially beneficial to families in red states, where poverty is most entrenched. Yet opposition to the expansion has come from Republicans and from red-state Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

Pundits and Republicans often claim that Democrats are out of touch with the working class and need to cater more to rural red-state voters. Yet it is red state politicians who are working tirelessly to impoverish children in their own states. In this, as in many things, the GOP is not the party fighting for red states. It’s the party fighting to immiserate them.


All I can say is…’can’t fix stupid’.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


15 thoughts on “When Will They Ever Learn?

  1. Obviously, I am not an American. But if I was, I would NEVER have voted Republican. No more than I have NEVER voted Conservative in Britain, and never will!
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. They repeatedly spend more than they need to, give away more than they need to, which leads to inflation. As a senior on a SS budget, yeah it hurts. They throw good money after bad.

      2. I think the price gouging takes in more….but since food is not in the equation for inflation….it is a moot point. chuq

      3. That is the government for you…food and gas are not in the equation….so the numbers we are given are not accurate but does make things look better than they are. chuq

  2. My dad was a fanatic Republican all his life and all his life they kept him hemmed into a labor intensive job as a grave digger and he never brought home more than $35 per week and never had any insurance of any kind, no vacation pay, no sick leave, nothing– he was on call 7 days a week …We all lived in a tightly Republican-controlled Republican town in an equally tightly controlled county and all my daddy could ever do was to blame the “Rich Damned Democrats” for his state in life. When I became an adult, I became one of those “Damn Rich Democrats” and helped to bail daddy out of his debts.

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