What Can We Expect From The New Congress?

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Let the Games Begin | Pat Bagley

2023 will give this country a new Congress and a divided Congress….but what can we expect from this division?

With Republicans gaining control of the House by the narrowest of majorities and Democrats retaining control of the Senate, the midterm elections have sent the United States back to a divided Congress.

This may put pressure on obstinate Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to compromise so Congress can get a few things passed before the end of the year — namely abortion protections and voting rights, as they’ve been supportive of efforts to codify same-sex marriage protections — while Democrats still lead both houses, says Sunshine Hillygus, political science professor at Duke University.

Come January, Hillygus predicts that not many bills will get passed. “I don’t see a lot of room for forward progress.”

“It’s not just a matter of a stalemate,” she says, explaining that the presidential campaigns of 2024 are starting, and she expects that lawmakers in Congress will be focused on helping their party win favor. “This is why you’re likely to see a Republican House focus on investigating the Biden administration. It’s why you might see a lot of bills get proposed that actually have no shot of actually ever being passed — it becomes an issue of signaling and trying to keep particular issues on the agenda.”


In other words we can expect nothing of substance coming out of the Congress in 2023…headline grabbing bullsh*t….more theater….more antics…..more drama with no basis.

Many of us have many things to be thankful for during this season….but a new Congress will not be one of those things.

Whatcha think?

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16 thoughts on “What Can We Expect From The New Congress?

  1. I rather hope that the GOP follows through with their threats to open countless investigations of everything that they don’t like. I will enjoy their self-clowning and reap the fruits of less legislation that interferes with the conduct of my life.

  2. I see 2023 as nothing more than a lead-up to the next election in late 2024. It will just be electioneering, and the real issues will be overlooked.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    In total agreement!! It will be worse than a clow show!! … “In other words we can expect nothing of substance coming out of the Congress in 2023 … headline grabbing bullsh*t … more theater … more antics … more drama with no basis!!”

  4. Republicans have lots of plans starting with pipeline, energy independence, the border and stop fentanyl, election integrity. Why do people continue to insist they do not ?

      1. Oh, I’ll be furious if they are mere promises. I certainly want to see more governing than investigations. If they can get gas down to pre-Biden days so much will heal and then improve economically.

      2. Sorry for the delay….your comment went to Spam…..We should be thinking gas companies for they are making the cash not Biden….more pipelines will not change that…..drilling will not change that…..chuq

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