The Day After

Wednesday, 09Nov22, the day after the midterm election…..the tallying is still being counted and ‘verified’….we still have no definitive answer as to which party will control the Houses of Congress….but I will give my reader the info as we know it now.

In Congress, Maxwell Frost is going to be the voice of his generation. The 25-year-old Democrat cruised to victory over 51-year-old Republican Calvin Wimbish in Florida’s reliably blue Orlando-area 10th District and will be the first member of Generation Z in Congress, BuzzFeed reports. Frost, who will also be the first Afro-Cuban in Congress, is just old enough to serve in the House of Representatives and just young enough to count as a member of Gen Z, defined as people born between 1997 and 2012. In other firsts:

Maryland has elected its first Black governor, the New York Times reports. Wes Moore, a Democrat, will replace retiring Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

  • Maura Healey, Massachusetts’ attorney general, will be the country’s first openly lesbian governor, the AP reports. The Democrat defeated Trump-endorsed Republican Geoff Diehl and will replace Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, who decided not to run for a third term.
  • In Arkansas, Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be the state’s first female governor. The former White House press secretary is also the first daughter in US history to be elected governor of a state her father formerly led, CNN reports.
  • Most of the final forecasts heading into Election Day gave Republicans a good chance of reclaiming control of the Senate, if only by a slim margin. With polls closing across America Tuesday night, the actual tally remains impossible to predict because of too-close-to-call races in key states. A look at some of the notable results rolling in:

In Ohio, Hillbilly Elegy author JD Vance defeated Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan for a seat Democrats had hoped to flip, the AP reports.

But in New Hampshire, Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan edged GOP challenger Don Bolduc to keep a seat that Republicans had hoped to flip, per the AP.

In Pennsylvania, media outlets including the AP had called the closely-watched race between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz for Fetterman by the early hours of Wednesday.

  • But big races in Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin remained too close to call. More on Georgia, which is likely headed to a runoff, here. As of 2:30am ET: In Arizona, with 58% of the vote in, Democrat Mark Kelly led Republican Blake Masters 53.4% to 44.4%; in Nevada, with 56% of the vote in, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto led Republican Adam Laxalt 50% to 47.1%; and in Wisconsin, with 98% of the vote in, Republican Ron Johnson led Democrat Mandela Barnes 50.7% to 49.3%.
  • Marco Rubio in Florida, Chuck Schumer in New York, and Rand Paul in Kentucky were among the no-surprise early winners. Republicans had hoped to notch an upset in Colorado, but Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet won a third term, reports Politico.
  • Other unsurprising results that rolled in later included Democrat Patty Murray winning re-election in Washington state, Democrat Alex Padilla being easily elected to his first full term as a senator in California, and Democrat Brian Schatz winning re-election in Hawaii.
  • In Alabama, Republican Katie Britt will become the first elected female senator for her state, per CNN.
  • In Oklahoma, Republican Markwayne Mullin will become the first Native American in the Senate in nearly 20 years, per the AP.
  • Iowa’s Sen. Chuck Grassley, already one of history’s longest-serving senators, has won an eighth term, Axios reports. The 89-year-old Republican could now serve until he is 95.
  • In Utah’s most closely-watched Senate race in decades, Republican Mike Lee fended off independent challenger Evan McMullin to win re-election, the AP reports.
  • As of 2:30am ET, the only other Senate race still not called was Alaska. The Republican party appears very likely to hold onto its Senate seat in the state that’s up for grabs, but it’s not yet clear who will be seated in it due to the state’s ranked-choice voting system. If no candidate gets 50% of the vote outright in the first round, candidates are eliminated and more rounds of voting are held until there are just two candidates left and one of them wins. On Tuesday, Donald Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka and current Sen. Lisa Murkowski were leading in early returns, the AP reports.
  • In its last forecast, FiveThirtyEight described the chamber’s fate as “on a knife’s edge” and gave the GOP a 59-in-100 chance of coming out on top. “That isn’t much better than the probability of calling a coin-flip correctly, although the GOP may have the slightest of edges.” That’s because of the five tightest Senate races, four of the seats are held by Dems. They have to either hang on to all four, or retain three and grab the GOP seat. The races: Arizona, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.
  • Of the 22 midterm elections from 1934-2018, the American Presidency Project at UC Santa Barbara notes the president’s party has lost an average of four Senate seats, though it has managed to gain seats six times.

I will keep you updated as soon as I have something to report.

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10 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I was watching this on the BBC just now. They are predicting Republican control by a very slim margin, but stated that the Dems had done much better than originally expected.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The big positive news is that there wasn’t a “red wave” – which would only have fueled more hate and division, as many of those candidates are sadly anti-democracy.

  3. whichever party rules will not matter too much because the little guy will still pay all the bills and make all the sacrifices .. it will just be worse under the republicans th an under the liberals.. that’s all.

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