Closing Thought–07Nov22

A short trip down nostalgic lane.

Drive-In movies!

Us old farts have some fond memories of the days of drive-in movies.

I remember the weekend nights when I would take that special girl to the movies and we spent much of the time playing tonsil tennis and occasionally getting our freak on.

Days of our youth….gone but not forgotten.

My area saw its last drive-in demolished in 1978….a sad day indeed.

Then just last week news hit my region….a new drive-in will return to the Coast.

Those who remember going to one of the many drive-in movies in South Mississippi are about to get a piece of their childhood back. John Watzke is still kicking around names for his drive-in theater as his crews work to clear the lot along U.S. 90 in Hancock County. It’s next to Shady Acres RV Park and about 1,000 feet west of the big Silver Slipper sign, on the north side of the highway. Watzke said this will be the only drive-in movies in Mississippi and Louisiana, other than one family-owned operation in far northeast Mississippi near the Alabama and Tennessee border. The last one in South Mississippi closed in 1978, he said.

He plans to build in two phases in Hancock County, with the first screen and parking for 275 cars on the south side of the property. He’s working to get that open by Mardi Gras. Another screen will built on the north side on the property and open about a year later in early 2024, he said.

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I am too old to try and rekindle the joys I found in the back seat of my on those weekend nights.

I realize this may not be much interest to many but for me it is a big deal.

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8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Nov22

      1. Yes, a drive-in was a dumping ground for bad movies to be sure, as it was expected you could entertain yourself in your car regardless!

  1. it’s a big deal for me too because the passion pits went a long way into shaping my future. I loved them… I loved castleberry’s barbecue sandwiches …I loved grade B movies — “Creature From The Black Lagoon” … laying on top of the station wagon under the stars, watching the kids at play in the small play area near the giant screen … accidentally jerking a speaker off a pole and not having to pay for it … sneaking into the movie by backing the car up through the exit while the movie was playing … always got caught on that one …fist fights at the cocession stand … good old days.

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