North Korea….The Problem

Recently Russia/Putin made a comment about the possibility of the use of a nuke in or around Ukraine…..and the internet went batcrap crazy and the blogs exploded with the prediction of doom and gloom….the end of civilization was a tick away.

North Korea has the nuke capability and the delivery system to deploy the weapons as needed….I said reports…..recently NK responded to the drills that the US and South Korea were having….

North Korea issued a veiled threat Tuesday to use nuclear weapons to get the US and South Korea to “pay the most horrible price in history,” an escalation of its fiery rhetoric targeting the ongoing large-scale military drills between its rivals. Animosities on the Korean Peninsula have been running high in recent months, with North Korea testing a string of nuclear-capable missiles and adopting a law authorizing the preemptive use of its nuclear weapons in a broad range of situations. Some experts still doubt North Korea could use nuclear weapons first in the face of superior US and South Korean forces. North Korea has argued its recent weapons tests were meant to issue a warning to Washington and Seoul over a series of joint military drills that it views as an invasion rehearsal, including this week’s exercises involving about 240 warplanes, the AP reports.

North Korea has argued its recent weapons tests were meant to issue a warning to Washington and Seoul over their series of joint military drills that it views as an invasion rehearsal, including this week’s exercises involving about 240 warplanes. Pak Jong Chon, a secretary of the ruling Workers’ Party who is considered a close confidant of leader Kim Jong Un, called the so-called “Vigilant Storm” air force drills “aggressive and provocative.” He slammed South Korean military leaders over what he called “rubbish” comments that threatened to destroy North Korea if it uses nuclear weapons. South Korea’s military has warned North Korea that using its nuclear weapons would put it on a “path of self-destruction.”
“If the US and South Korea attempt to use armed forces against (North Korea) without any fear, the special means of the (North’s) armed forces will carry out their strategic mission without delay,” Pak said, in an apparent reference to his country’s nuclear weapons. “The US and South Korea will have to face a terrible case and pay the most horrible price in history,” he said. US and South Korean officials have steadfastly said their drills are defensive in nature and that they have no intentions of attacking North Korea. South Korean officials have said North Korea could up the ante in coming weeks by detonating its first nuclear test device since September 2017, which could possibly take the country a step closer to its goals of building a full-fledged nuclear arsenal capable of threatening regional US allies and the US mainland.

Lil Kim was thumping his chest, right?

Hours after threatening to use nuclear weapons in response to the US-South Korea joint military drills, North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile that crossed the sea border separating North and South Korea—the first time that’s happened since the two countries divided in 1948, the BBC reports. Other outlets say the missile landed close to the disputed border, but are not clear on whether it crossed. What was clear was that the missile landed further south than any other since the division, the Guardian reports. Seoul says Pyongyang fired about a dozen missiles in total Wednesday, though apparently just one landed near the tense maritime border, the AP reports. It landed 37 miles from the South Korean city of Sokcho, triggering air-raid alarms on Ulleungdo island.

The North Korean missiles were launched from the east and west coasts, CNN reports. In response, South Korea conducted air-to-surface missile tests, firing three precision-guided missiles near the countries’ eastern border, Seoul said. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that North Korea’s actions were “very unprecedented and we will never tolerate it,” and that the country “will strictly and firmly respond under close South Korea-US cooperation.” National security meetings have been called in South Korea and Japan in response to the latest missile launches.

All that and yet the internet is NOT full of doom and gloom….why is that?

I mean Kim is actually firing missiles….Putin was just talk.

Why no predictions of the end of civilization as we know it?

Maybe it is just the American people falling for the BS of the MSM.

Whatcha think?

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“lego ergo scribo”

9 thoughts on “North Korea….The Problem

  1. I have no knowledge of anything beyond the four walls of my own living room… and any knowledge I might have within those walls is largely the realm of my better half. But here’s my take on why few are predicting a North Korea-to-world apocalypse.
    Russia is alleged to have 10k nuclear weapons.. we have the same or similar, and a nuclear exchange between us would certainly end it all world-wide. North Korea doesn’t have those numbers of nukes to threaten the world… much less the ability to launch anything that would go beyond Japan. I would have to believe that even one single nuke that detonates on foreign soil would result in a far larger retaliatory response with conventional strikes. Why not retaliate with nukes? The idea is not to turn the entire Korean peninsula into an uninhabitable region for the next 500 years. Massive nuke strikes onto North Korea irradiates the entire peninsula (and parts of China… and the prevailing winds floating the crap back into SK and into Japan).
    NK would have to launch all they had in one strike (how many would that even be anyway? Two? Five? Ten?) because they’d not have a second chance.

    I am unsure about our ability to shoot down incoming nukes. Back during the Guam scare a few years back there was some talk that we didn’t have that shoot-down ability because of the travel speed of ICBMs. It seems odd that Japan has not tried to shoot down an ICBM or any other missile, weaponized or just a test, in a detected launch from NK that flies completely over their own country. Makes me think the shoot-down capability isn’t viable for the present. We seem to be able to detect a launch and track it… but that’s it.
    I understand Seoul is within artillery/missile range using conventional weapons from NK. Why nuke the place?
    So, it’s not like a nuke strike from NK would lead to some world-wide conflagration given we could easily take out that country using conventional weapons.

    1. The way we spend billions on weapons development we could say the same thing for Russia….besides it only takes one nuke accurate or not to bring this house of cards down around our heads. chuq

  2. Has it ever been independently confirmed that the DPRK has a genuine nuclear capability? I have seen reports on the BBC about them ‘enriching Uranium’, but I am yet to be convinced they pose a genuine nuclear threat. I also cannot see China supporting any launch of a nuclear weapon that would threaten people on mainland China. So I am going with ‘chest-thumping’ as a response to the combined US/ROK exercises.
    And why do they even feel the need for those? Many of the offensive aircraft in the DPRK date from the Korean War, in the 1950s. Their Army is huge, but mainly infantry that is underfed, and under supplied. I would suggest just ignoring Kim, but then I don’t live in Korea.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Good points, Pete. I’m sure our joint national intel services collectively have more solid info on that. But when the “thumping” gets this close all it takes is some mistaken movement to set off a chain of unfortunate events. I have to guess that we do not share some military backchannel between our command and their command structure like we have with China and Russia.

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