Oh, The Bikinis!

Yesterday our high was 110…it is now 11 pm and the temp is 103…..and it has been this way for about a month….

This heat makes the young think about Summer and all the activities that go with it.

Summer is here and there is girl watching all around….as the female population heads for their nearest beach whether ocean, lake or river the bikinis come out of the drawers and are presented for us males to enjoy.

I know I sound like a male d/bag……but I had to offer an intro to the history lesson for this weekend…..that history is the history of the popular bikini……

Sixty years ago, the world’s first bikini made its debut at a poolside fashion show in Paris. The swimsuit is now so ubiquitous—and comparatively so demure—that it’s hard to comprehend how shocking people once found it. When the bikini first arrived, its revealing cut scandalized even the French fashion models who were supposed to wear it; they refused, and the original designer had to enlist a stripper instead. The images below illustrate how the bikini slowly gained acceptance—first on the Riviera, then in the United States—and became a beachfront staple.

When the bikini was unveiled in 1946, it was by no means the first time that women had worn so revealing a garment in public. In the fourth century, for example, Roman gymnasts wore bandeau tops, bikini bottoms, and even anklets that would look perfectly at home on the beaches of Southern California today.

At the turn of the 20th century, though, such displays would have been unthinkable. Female swimmers went to extraordinary lengths to conceal themselves at the beach. They wore voluminous bathing costumes and even made use of a peculiar Victorian contraption called the bathing machine, essentially a small wooden or canvas hut on wheels. The bather entered the machine fully dressed and donned her swimming clothes inside. Then, horses (or occasionally humans) pulled the cart into the surf. The bather would disembark on the seaside, where she could take a dip without being observed from the shore.


One of the most important social issues of our time.

Just a little history for this Summer Saturday…..enjoy your time at the beach and remember that young lady you are drooling over could very well be your daughter or granddaughter.

Class Dismissed!

I am old….I need a nap…..peace out my friends.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


22 thoughts on “Oh, The Bikinis!

  1. Women can get away with showing the edges of pubic hair under a sparse (Nearly nothing) bikini — but just let a man wear a bathing suit that shoes a knee cap and all hell breaks loose. There is no equality in any of it. We need to stop the false morality standard in clothing.

      1. You are correct. I have not been to a European beach nor a weight lifter’s show for quite some time but if I were assaulted by a banana hammock I would be very accepting of the liberation it represents, much the same as the liberation the women enjoy by showing as much ass as they can get away with.

      1. As I recall you are both a grown man and a Veteran of the Military (Thank you for your service) … so you don’t need anybody’s “permission” to read stuff in here .. you just need the willpower and the courage. And I suspect you wrote that in a joking manner.

      2. It’s not about what I say that matters, John.. but rather how effectively I can make my tongue move. 🙂

      1. Reason it was named after the Bikini Atoll…. the idea that the first nuke test site.. if you were enjoying the sun there as the nuke went off the skimpy swimwear was a nod to your clothes blowing off, ala the test site newsreels back then.. and all the clothes on you wore blown away… on girls of course.

  2. Yeah the “Female” mannequins because it would be an absolute abomination to admit that men have any sexuality at all …another one of America’s hypocritical hang ups.

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