Ukraine Is Not A Brothel

That was the name of a documentary that was showing the protest by the group known as Fremen challenging the ideas that Ukrainian women were escorts and hookers…..I wrote about these protesters many years ago….

If you would like to watch the documentary then IMdB has your chance to do so…..
I revisit this post and film from the past because of something I read.
Ukrainians are selling photos of their nude bodies in support of the military and their conflict with Russia.
Screenshot from TerOnlyFans’ website.
  • A Ukrainian group is selling their nudes online to raise money for their country’s troops.
  • The project, named “TerOnlyFans,” has already raised more than $700,000 since March.
  • Its founder, Nastassia Nasko, told Insider she feels proud to have found a unique way to help Ukraine

Nastsassia Nasko says she came up with the idea by accident.

A few days after Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, she had posted on Twitter asking if someone with a car could help evacuate an acquaintance out of the Kharkiv, one of the first Ukrainian cities to be besieged by Russian troops.

When nobody responded to her, the 23-year-old tweeted, half-jokingly, that she would send a nude picture of herself to whoever was able to help.

The experience sparked an idea and several days later — on International Women’s Day — Nasko and her friend, Anastasiya Kuchmenko, launched “TerOnlyFans.” (“Ter” is short for territorial defense.)

The project has a similar model to OnlyFans, the subscription-based social platform which has become a lucrative way for adult content creators to earn money. (It has no connection to OnlyFans, and the company did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.)

But on TerOnlyFans, the money goes straight to the Ukrainian army, rather than to the creators. Three months on, the group has raised more than $700,000, Nasko told Insider.

The majority of the donations go to Ukraine’s Territorial Defense, although Nasko, said the project had also sent some money to refugee or animal-shelter organizations.

I applaud their attempt to help raise cash for their forces…..but does it not fly in the face of the message that Fremen tried to instill in the world?  Is this not some form a sexploitation of Ukrainian women/men?

Your thoughts here please

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12 thoughts on “Ukraine Is Not A Brothel

  1. The inescapable fact of human nature is that in desperate circumstances people get very creative in inventing ways to help the situation. If the women want to prostitute themselves in the name of freedom for their country then more power to them ..Patriotism comes in many guises.

  2. Before the war, many Ukrainian women advertised themselves as ‘mail order brides’, or posed on sex sites. At least now, the money is (hopefully) going to help the war. But how do they know where it is actually spent? I don’t see women doing this as furthering the cause, but that’s just my opinion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. There are many scams coming out of many regions ..for example, take the scam being perpetrated by the American Radical Right Wing on the naieve and gullible in our own country. Every so often I get mail asking for donations to this political party or that political party with dire warnings about the future …no bigger scam than politics if you want my opinion about it …

      2. Almost weekly….They stopped calling me when I asked why the state and local entities are not caring for their employees. chuq

      3. I stopped them by telling them, You are not getting a cent from me until you admit which right wing political pact you are working for.

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