Someone Is Gonna Pay

The Russian forces, according to the MSM and its pundits, have hit a Ukrainian road block….the slow progress is due, again according to the paid pundits, logistics suck, Ukrainian resistance, poorly trained Russian soldiers and low moral.

‘Vlad the Invader’ has decided to do something about these ‘problems’……

Several British media outlets are reporting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has placed some of the country’s top intelligence agents under house arrest, a possible retaliation for faulty intelligence leading up to the invasion of Ukraine.

The Sunday Times reported that Sergey Beseda, head of the foreign intelligence branch of the FSB, Russia’s version of the CIA, was arrested along with Anatoly Bolyukh, his deputy.

The Times said the arrests had been confirmed by both Andrei Soldatov, who is co-founder and editor of the investigative website Agentura, and by Vladimir Osechkin, an exiled Russian human rights activist.

Someone’s gonna pay!

Sounds about right….but hearing that I thought back to the invasion of Iraq 2003… an opponent to the Iraq war I think we should have done something similar for all the lies that led to that invasion and subsequent occupation….a few names that come to mind….. George Tenet, Donald Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith, John Yoo and Paul Wolfowitz 

Just a fanciful thought on my part.

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9 thoughts on “Someone Is Gonna Pay

  1. By the way: I don’t know if I’m being unfair here, but you don’t normally ask a host country the following, right?

    Ukrainian Consul General refuses lessons in welcome classes
    Iryna Tybinka demands from the Conference of Ministers of Education that the Ukrainian refugee children in Germany be taught according to the Ukrainian curriculum.(

    1. Sounds about right……kinda sounds like what they are trying to do in this country….thanx so much for the re-blogs…..chuq

  2. Purges are part of the Russian psyche. They have gone on since the time of the Boyars and Tsars. Blame someone else for being unable to carry out your crazy orders on time. (Hitler and Stalin were both fans of a purge of course.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I am kind of hoping that those arrests of highly placed Russian officials will end up the same way arrests ended up in the Stalinist era — Gulag or grave.

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