Ukraine And Social Media

I have bitched about the media coverage of the Ukraine/Russia conflict…..the lack of actual action footage just regurgitation of stock vids and photos….then there is social media which seems to have better coverage of the armed conflict….but then the question should be asked if their reporting is accurate or just propaganda.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already fueled some nascent misinformation tactics, including the spread of realistic video game footage and the use of TikTok to create fake war zone livestreams.

The content highlights how misinformation on the internet tends to constantly evolve, with some older forms of misleading content remaining relevant (many users continue to share older videos mislabeled as coming from the ongoing conflict). 

And while TikTok has in recent years vowed to crack down on misinformation, its relatively recent entry into the mainstream as a major social media platform, along with some of its unique features, have made it ripe for misleading content.

Maybe we should not believe everything we see on social media…..maybe we should look deeper for what the real story is…..just a thought…..

Amid the alarming images of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over the past few days, millions of people have also seen misleading, manipulated or false information about the conflict on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Telegram.

One example is this video of military jets posted to TikTok, which is historical footage but captioned as live video of the situation in Ukraine.

Visuals, because of their persuasive potential and attention-grabbing nature, are an especially potent choice for those seeking to mislead. Where creating, editing or sharing inauthentic visual content isn’t satire or art, it is usually politically or economically motivated.

Disinformation campaigns aim to distract, confuse, manipulate and sow division, discord, and uncertainty in the community. This is a common strategy for highly polarised nations where socioeconomic inequalities, disenfranchisement and propaganda are prevalent.

How is this fake content created and spread, what’s being done to debunk it, and how can you ensure you don’t fall for it yourself?

This article gives the reader that truly wants to know what is happening in Ukraine and not buying into the hype then the 5 ways to spot bad info is perfect (if only people will do what is needed)

But that assumes that the reader wants to know or just follow the lies that fit what they want to believe.

So far I have seen nothing in the media that they are trying to debunk the spread of misinformation on their part…..they just keep spreading the manure of hearsay.

People are dying at least we could do is ask hard questions and find out why this is happening.

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7 thoughts on “Ukraine And Social Media

  1. I saw a post of a Ukrainian man trying to sell an abandoned Russian tank on Ebay. After catching my attention, it turned out to be a model tank. Five minutes later I saw it on Facebook. Judging from the comments, few people had read the post.

    1. My son-in law told me about the tank thing…..the media is getting about as bad as social media….most stories are hearsay……chuq

  2. If you believe Facebook and Tik-Tok, then you will only ever be badly misinformed at best, completely fooled at worst.
    I have just heard on BBC that there will definitely not be a no-fly zone. That decision may well precipitate a seaborne invasion of Odessa, and a movement of tanks further into the centre of Kiev, once Russia knows that western countries will not send aircraft.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I thought the Ukrainians sent pilots to collect donated aircraft….if so why are they not using them? I applaud the decision….but all this is still sounding like Wilson and 1916….the media is cheer leading the pro-war sentiments. chuq

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