Ukraine And The Media

Here in the West the reporting of the Ukraine/Russia conflict is extensive….but so far it is tired images of smoke plumes, jets fly by, an explosion that has been played ad nauseum, a few Russian tanks in transit ….plus the regurgitation of the officials from all countries…but the actual fighting has been lacking.

I mean the media could get into a war zone in Syria with heavy fighting but yet they have nothing to report on the actual fighting other than some hearsay…..I will admit that CNN had a report that recorded some gunfire that was labeled as ‘intense’….as an ex combat troop it did not seem so ‘intense’ to me….but then I am not selling a war either.

I am glad that the people have found relatively safe places like the endless subway story and the comparison to London during the Blitz and that scene has run every 15 minutes for over 12 hours.

Since 2014 the US has given Ukraine over a billion dollars in aid and I would like to see if it was money well spent……I would like to see those troops in action….but so far all we have seen is a few Russian paratroopers at an airfield outside the capital of Kyiv.

I guess may question is why is the media not doing a better job of covering the conflict and reporting on the readiness or not of the Ukrainian military.

Some may feel that I am an unfeeling bastard…well that is your right….but I am concerned that our cash went into some bank account or to a the building of a new villa on the Ukrainian coast on the Black Sea.

Where was our cash spent?

Our $650 million just this year was apparently not spent where it was intended…..for the Ukrainian leader Zelensky is stating that “We are in this fight alone” and “The West should be doing more to protect Ukraine”….

To me that sounds like he wants others to do his fighting for him….after all his boasting that Ukrainians will fight to the finish…..and after 48 hours he is screaming for help…

Maybe this situation should give the US Congress something to consider before they help authorizing the wasting of the American taxpayers money.

I by no means support the invasion of Russia into the Ukrainian country side….this was a despicable act of aggression that should be punished.

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14 thoughts on “Ukraine And The Media

  1. Your criticism is valid, Chuq! Is it just a play, the price of which, once again, the common people have to pay? Maybe it’s just another weapons test event, because if it goes on like this we could soon have civil wars. The time looks out bad. Best wishes, Michael

  2. The bulk of any aid America gives to any country is specific to the need.. generally…. and from what I am aware, it’s seldom in the form of cash (unless the CIA is trying to purchase influence). The aid required by Ukraine to ward off the Russians was certainly not a bunch of $100 bills, or even a debit card, for them to head over to the nearest Middle East arms bazaar and buy weapons on the street. We gave them $650 million in military equipment and tech to help defend themselves. So I am unsure why you might think our tax dollars were contributed in pallets of cash and just went to corrupt leaders.

    As for the press not seeming to be covering the fighting soldier in the field… I would guess that trying to find a “battle” to cover changes in the moment and is fluid with the speed of advancing troops. It’s not like static trench warfare. Also, logic might suggest that the Ukraine military has no concern about embedding the press in their ranks just to be politically correct transparent. They are fighting for their lives. Also, again, if you are watching the mainstream reporters off CNN, they are not likely being permitted to just maverick about the countryside risking their own lives and those of the camera/sound team. Not to mention, most of those reporters are not young and spry anymore to dodge bullets.
    One more thing.. there seems to be a specific issue with identifying Russian military from Ukraine military. Russians apparently have some special white patch or armband.. but who knows how often those troops in the field are changing that identification to fool the other side.
    I am more than very sure that when the Russians enter the cities we will see, and hear, a lot of that street fighting ala WW2 style. Strategically, it’s far easier to mount a defense against an overwhelming attacker in urban areas than in an open battlefield. I would guess that as the Russians advance the military will fall back to urban positions… and/or head into the countryside to engage as an ongoing guerilla force.

    1. Doug we gave Ukraine 90 tons f military hardware just this January……we hear that Kyiv is intense fighting but I yet see the actual fighting and their are many reporters in the capital…..guerilla forces where have we heard that before. Like I said some of them were spry enough to go into Syria and the fight against ISIS… far most of the pics are old and the reports are hearsay…I am not saying there is not fighting just not for the cameras. $650 million should have armed them to the teeth…but somehow they were not prepared…..still say that should be considered. Be well chuq

      1. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to see some action as well. At least see some burned out Russian tanks from our Javelins we gave the Ukrainians. Problem is… all the equipment/vehicles being used is the same for both sides so it’s difficult to know which side the damage was done.

      2. I have seen that and I had the same questions….if Ukraine is doing as good as they report it would seem they would want some reporters to verify their success……thanx for the link…..chuq

  3. So far, I have seen no evidence of Ukraine fighting to the ‘last bullet’, or of citizens fighting the Russians ‘In the streets’. The Russians are less than four miles from the centre of Kiev, apparently with limited, or no, opposition. Where is that western-funded army, that is supposed to number more than the Russian invaders?
    I am open to contradiction, but I have seen none.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I have not seen it either…..and Congress is thinking about emergency funds to arm Ukraine… is that for BS? The M-IC is jerking off in the closet. chuq

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