Biden Speaks

The ‘leaders’ of the ‘Free World” all walked to the cameras and spoke to the unwashed masses about the situation in Ukraine….

Biden Spoke…..

President Biden imposed more sanctions on Russia Thursday, including on major banks and individuals with ties to the Kremlin, reports the Hill. Vladimir Putin “chose this war, and now he and his country will bear the consequences,” said Biden at an afternoon news conference about the Ukraine invasion, per the New York Times. Some other key lines and points, from outlets including the Washington Post, the AP, and Axios.

  • The aim: Putin “has much larger ambitions than Ukraine,” said Biden. “He wants to, in fact, re-establish the former Soviet Union. That what this is about.”
  • US troops: Biden said he was authorizing more US troops to deploy to Europe but reiterated a key point: “Let me say it again: Our forces are not and will not be engaged in a conflict with Russia in Ukraine. Our forces are not going to Europe to fight in Ukraine, but to defend our NATO allies and reassure those allies in the east. As I made crystal clear, the United States will defend every inch of NATO territory with the full force of American power.”
  • Sanctions’ pain: The new sanctions “are going to impose severe costs on the Russian economy both immediately and over time,” said the president. “We have purposely designed these sanctions to maximize a long-term impact on Russia and to minimize the impact on the United States and our allies.” In response to a question, he said the impact on Americans would be short-lived “as long as we continue to stay resolved.” He also pledged the sanctions would not disrupt the oil markets, though oil prices were surging.
  • From the AP: “Biden, for now, held off imposing some of the most severe sanctions, including cutting Russia out of the SWIFT payment system, which allows for the transfers of money from bank to bank around the globe, or Russia’s energy sector.”
  • No bullies: “This aggression cannot go unanswered and if it did the consequences for America would be much worse,” said Biden. “America stands up to bullies. We stand up to freedom.”
  • China: Is he urging China to rein in Putin? Biden said he was “not prepared to comment” on that for now.

My question is if the US saw this coming months ago then why was Ukraine caught flat footed after all the aid sent their way just 650 million just recently?  90 tons of military aid was sent just this year and yet that made little difference.

Just wondering.

I see Biden and the Boyz are watching the polls…..most Americans do not want a major role for the US in this conflict….

Just 26% say the U.S. should have a major role in the conflict, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Fifty-two percent say a minor role; 20% say none at all.

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to think the U.S. should have a major role in the conflict, 32% to 22%. Overall, the poll shows 43% of Americans now approve of Biden’s handling of the U.S. relationship with Russia, a downtick from 49% in June of last year.

These stats show very well what I have been saying for years….that the Dems are just as pro-war as the GOP… well spent by the M-IC.

I listened earlier to Boris Johnson’s speech…..basically the same speech… everyone is on the same page here.


If these new sanctions will be effective then why not impose them earlier and avoid the loss of life?

I think Putin will giggle at these attempts…..if they do not work….what then?

Finally the ex-prez made a statement on the Ukraine situation…..

“[Putin] was going to be satisfied with the peace and now he sees the weakness and the incompetence and the stupidity of this administration. And as an American, I’m angry about it and I’m saddened by it, and it all happened because of a rigged election. This would have never happened, and that includes inflation, and that includes millions of people pouring in on a monthly basis. Far more than 3 million people, and they’re coming from 129 different countries. We have no idea what’s happening, and they’re destroying our country.”

Of course that statement was made on the Trump cheer leading media outlet….which seems to be saying that the destruction of a nation is okay with them.

A word to the wise…..since Russia and China have signed a few agreements it would behoove the US to keep an eye on the actions of China in the next few days or weeks.

I am sure there is much more to be said by all players…..

I will be watching and listening so you do not have to…..

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12 thoughts on “Biden Speaks

  1. I am so thankful the USA has not considered becoming part of this war. In my opinion its a forced play, with a lot of interests of hiding groups. Look at Germany, we are (really?) not military prepared? Amongst the states of the world Germany is “only” one of the biggest sellers of weapons. But we cannot grab some for ourselves? xx Michael

  2. Where are the 250,000 Ukranian troops, and ail those (up to one million) reservists? They are supposed to be ‘fighting hand to hand’, yet Russians are already in the suburbs of Kiev. The truth is unravelling, as we watch on TV.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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