Closing Thought–24Feb22

Other international and foreign policy situations have fallen away with the issues in Ukraine…..but the rest of the world still functions even if the MSM is ignoring it….

I recently read a headline that made me shutter….New Indo-Pacific Strategy Calls for Greater US Presence in Southeast Asia….where have I heard that piece of manure before?

WAIT! I know it was the 60s!

Our dear president has released his big plan to counter the rise of China in the South China Sea……

The Biden administration released its Indo-Pacific strategy on Friday that calls for the US to increase its presence in Southeast Asia as part of the effort to counter China in the region.

The strategy emphasizes boosting alliances and partnerships in the region. It says the US will open new embassies and consulates in Southeast Asia and in the Pacific islands, increase the US Coast Guard’s presence in the region, and refocus military assistance to the Indo-Pacific.

The strategy says that through the new AUKUS military pact, the US will “will identify the optimal pathway to deliver nuclear-powered submarines to the Royal Australian Navy at the earliest achievable date.”

The US plans to strengthen cooperation with the Quad, the informal alliance that consists of the US, India, Japan, and Australia. In recent years, the US has strengthened military ties with India, and the strategy calls for the US to support India’s “continued rise.”

The strategy was released as Secretary of State Antony Blinken is touring the region. On Friday, Blinken met with other Quad officials in Australia, and he is due to meet with officials in Fiji Saturday.

During his trip, Blinken is reassuring regional allies that the Asia “pivot” is still on even though the US is bolstering forces in Europe amid heightened tensions with Ukraine. While much of the recent focus has been on Russia, the US has significantly increased its military presence in the South China Sea and other near China since President Biden came into office.


Does anyone remember Vietnam?  Well I do!

We sent troops to counter the spread of communism….and does anyone remember how that turned out?

Well I Do!

US ends one useless costly war to prepare for the next….the next useless costly war…..

Same crap–different year!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


3 thoughts on “Closing Thought–24Feb22

  1. Ukraine is going to take away any and all ’embarrassing news’ around the world. Even deflecting from Boris Johnson’s debacle in Britain, Biden’s ineffectiveness in America, and any other ‘hot story’ you care to name.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. How to understand Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine? To what does this unilateral action compare? Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974… A more ancient act of imperialism, the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland took place during the late 12th century.

    The latter example not now nearly as pertinent as the former. The issue at stake, centers not upon Russian interests to keep the Ukraine out of joining NATO, but rather the disgrace of UN hypocrisy and its silence to denounce and condemn this latest invasion by countries who dream, think France, that they should merit the status as a ‘Great Power’ in Europe.

    The UN repeats and perpetuates this continuous drip-cowardice; the UN condemns repeatedly ad infinitum the Jewish State of Israel. Yet when China pulls shtik with the Uyghurs of Xinjiang, likewise comparable to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, UN piety immediately loses its religion. Therefore, it seems to me that Nations should respond to UN hypocrisy by withdrawing membership from this House of Cards club.

    The Russia\China axis thrived during the Stalin\Mao era. China faces a similar fuel crisis as did Japan during WWII. Formosa and the Japanese Islands make control of the ocean quite formidable. Therefore China would very much like to conquer Taiwan. For China to fight and win a war that would most probably trigger multi-national involvement, it requires a secure ally which can supply it with oil and gas. Russia fits that need to a tee. Mao rejected Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin’s war crimes. That’s when Sino–Russian relations turns south.

    Russia, even after the fall of the USSR, remains the odd man out among Nato dominated Western European governments. The West, currently jabbering about sanctions blah blah. The Art of War centers upon crippling the supply lines of the enemy. A failure which defines the defeat of US imperialist invasions in both Vietnam and Afghanistan. Those supply lines represent the underbelly of the beast. Quite naturally all belligerent nations understand this critical weakness. A Sino-Russian alliance make tremendous good strategic sense for a new Cold War Russia.

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