Closing Thought–17Feb22

After another book has been banned in a Southern school it got me to think about the whole ideas of book banning….what is it all about.

I posted on the latest attempt to deny students from learning…..

Closing Thought–01Feb22

What possesses an educational group to want to ban a book?

According to a new American Library Association report, there were 330 “book challenges” in the fall of 2021, an uptick from the same periods in recent years. “Parents, activists, school board officials and lawmakers around the country are challenging books at a pace not seen in decades,” the New York Times reported last month.

Viewed in a broader national context — there are roughly 99,000 public K-12 schools in the US — these numbers are still far too low to describe as a national crisis. But free speech advocates insist the new campaigns are worth paying attention to — and worrying about.

The rise of book bans, in their view, is the tip of a deeper iceberg: a growing movement on the right to use the levers of local and state governance to control teachers and push an ideologically slanted vision of what children should learn about American culture, society, and history.

“You’re seeing really powerful movements under way to constrain expression. It’s not about discussing ideas objectively. It’s about not discussing them at all,” says Jeffrey Sachs, a professor at Acadia University who tracks free speech in education.

My thought is….my mother never told me what I could read then I will not allow some overweight slug of a politician to do so.

For more thoughts on the damn silly issue of banning books….

Demonic influences. The bad stuff. Burn ’em to ashes, then burn the ashes.

The Obscene and the Innocent: Book Bans in Schools 

This issue of book banning seems to be the most powerful in the South….the least educated region of this nation.

God forbid that students learn something…..they are much easier manipulated when they are stupid….and the voter IQ in the South illustrates just how ignorant and easily manipulated they truly are.

Turn The Page!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–17Feb22

  1. Here we only had the “Index librorum prohibitorum” gladly brought to us by the Roman Catholic Church. Lol But it was only on duty for non scientistic readers. The only banned book here is this from the title well known one of this past card painter. Beeing honest, at school a teacher had brought it to us, but its unreadable. So, Germany is also on the line of liberty. 😉 xx Michael

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