Closing Thought–01Feb22

There has been a rash of book banning especially in those Red States that snuggle up to Donald the Orange…..Tennessee has just become the latest…in an attempt to downplay the atrocity of the the Holocaust…..

“Maus” was removed from an eighth-grade English language arts curriculum by the McMinn County, Tennessee, Board of Education over concerns about “rough, objectionable language” and a drawing of a nude woman.
The board voted 10-0 to remove the book from the curriculum, saying it should be replaced, if possible, with another book without content deemed objectionable.
“Maus” is a graphic novel by Spiegelman, a comic artist, that follows his Jewish parents in 1940s Poland from their early experiences of anti-Semitism to their internment in Auschwitz. The novel is intercut with the young author’s attempts to coax the story out of his father as an old man. It depicts Jewish people as mice and Nazis as cats.
What part of a book about the horrors of the Holocaust should be objectable?
Why would anyone want to downplay those horrors?
Going on 90 years and some want to re-write history (again)…..
This attempt is despicable and should be punished for this attempt to whitewash history….yet again…..these are the same slugs that call the American Civil War as the “Lost Cause”….
This attempt is just another chance to spread ignorance…..the founding principle of the modern GOP…..
What is it about this book that scares conservs?
according to meeting minutes originally reported by TN Holler, was quick to assert he wasn’t “against teaching the Holocaust,” they apparently couldn’t allow it to be taught in a way that included profanity and nudity — in other words, in a way that conveys its dehumanizing reality. The same board member said, “[Maus] shows people hanging, it shows them killing kids, why does the educational system promote this kind of stuff, it is not wise or healthy.”
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9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–01Feb22

  1. If Whoopi Goldberg can say on National TV that the Holocaust wasn’t racist – I’ll read and say whatever I please.
    I’m not a facebook person, but that didn’t stop them from coming to me and saying they have marked this comment of mine as Spam and they have removed it from every post that carries it. What do you think?

    1. I think FB is trying to cover their butts to prevent any interference by a new law……I refuse to go to FB for anything. Be well chuq

  2. ‘Maus’ is an amazing graphic novel.

    First Ban the books.
    Then burn the books already printed.
    Then put the writers in camps.
    Then kill the writers.
    Then kill anyone else you don’t like.
    Then kill the mentally ill.
    Then kill the homosexuals.
    Then kill those with congenital defects.

    Then invade Poland. (Insert relevant country)
    We know how it goes…

    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I posted two videos about the Holocaust on my Facebook page last year. Facebook shows you memories of what you have posted in prior years. When those videos came up in my memories, they were covered with a black overlay with a warning “this video may show violent or graphic content”. Neither video had either. One was interviewing women who had been in the camps, the other about a man who walked with children to the gas chamber so they would not be alone. They were simply telling the truth and that truth has become objectionable. It is disgusting.

  4. I don’t know the book.

    How intense stupid are the reasons banning this book in schoollibary.

    To leave the actual facts as not acceptable for children is so dispicable.

    What will they do next, ban Annee Frank’s book?
    The latest version has also some sexual related notes.

    What do those people thonk war is?
    What do the think procecution is?
    What do they think murdering millions is?

    It does disghust me that they take the right to leave out what offends them.

    If they do that?
    O they already do!

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