Will 2022 Be A Bad Year?

If you are a Dem candidate in a Red State then your chances are slim.

Some say that 2022 will be a disastrous election for the GOP (I do not agree….will explain later)……and I think that the governor’s election in Virginia is a precursor…..

Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin were locked in a tight race for Virginia governor Tuesday night, the most closely watched contest in an off-year election that could prove a referendum on President Biden’s first year in office. The Washington Post and the AP called the race for Youngkin early Wednesday. Our previous rundown follows:

  • The Biden lens: The initial results are a stark departure from 12 months ago, when Biden captured the state by 10 points. A loss in a state that has trended toward Democrats for more than a decade would deepen the sense of alarm inside the party heading into next year’s midterm elections, when control of Congress is at stake. But the AP reports Biden expressed optimism going into the evening while acknowledging that “the off-year is always unpredictable.”
  • Inside the campaign: The bruising campaign centered on issues including Youngkin’s ties to former President Trump, abortion rights and culture war battles over schools. Youngkin, a former business executive, has never held public office. Voters saw the economy as the top issue, followed by the coronavirus pandemic, according to AP VoteCast, a survey of statewide voters.

(This Dem defeat also tells me that they voter is sick of Clintonian candidates)

This election means little to the average voter at this time….but it is never too early for us to start paying attention to the trends that are developing in our nation that will most likely influence the election results in 2022….

The site FiveThirtyEight looks at all the stats collected and has a pretty good track record at predicting elections outcome….but 2022 is a horse of a different color…..

… control of the House and Senate will once again be at stake in the November 2022 midterm elections, and one of the best tools we have for predicting those election results is polling of the generic congressional ballot. The generic congressional ballot question typically asks respondents which party they intend to vote for in the upcoming congressional election, without naming specific candidates1 — allowing the question to be asked nationally to gauge the overall political environment. And for several years now, we at FiveThirtyEight have been collecting these polls and calculating a weighted average for them, and we’re excited today to publish our generic ballot average for the 2022 election cycle

Our Best Tool For Predicting Midterm Elections Doesn’t Show A Republican Wave — But History Is On The GOP’s Side

Voter rights will most likely be a major issue during the election…..and those white people that worship at the alter of the GOP insanity it will raise them (candidates) up…..

A jaw-dropping majority of White Republicans say the country has done enough to ensure that Black Americans are treated equally.

In an extensive Axios-Ipsos poll timed for the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police, respondents were asked to choose between two statements: “Our country needs to continue making changes to give Black Americans equal rights with white Americans,” and “Our country has made the changes needed to give Black Americans equal rights with white Americans.”

Overall, 59 percent said that the country needs to continue making changes, versus 39 percent who said we’ve done enough. There were significant racial divides on the question, with 48 percent of whites saying we’ve done enough — still a minority — while 92 percent of Black respondents said the country needs to continue changing.

But an even more stark partisan racial divide exists, with a whopping 79 percent of white Republicans saying America has done enough to ensure equality, versus only 12 percent of white Democrats who said the same.

Respondents were also asked if they agree with the statement “America is not a racist country,” and white Republicans were twelve times more likely than white Democrats to agree. In fact, more than twice as many Black respondents — 9 percent — agreed that America is not a racist country than the 4 percent of white Democrats who said this.

Jaw-Dropping Number of White Republicans Say We’ve Done Enough to Ensure Equal Rights for Black Americans in New Poll

An even scarier poll umber is the Repubs believe BS……

Fifteen percent of Americans agree with the central false tenet of the QAnon conspiracy theory: that the government and other entities are controlled by Satan-worshipping pedophiles running a child sex trafficking ring, according to a new poll.

Among Republicans the survey, released Wednesday by the Public Religion Research Institute, found that 23 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that “the government, media and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.”


How disturbing is that?

Could this election splinter the GOP?

A splintering of the Republican Party has long been speculated, and while it’s hard to know whether this is, in fact, a turning point or an isolated incident that will soon recede from the headlines, these four scenarios are possible.

But will it?

Then there are the Dems…….

Dem candidates have a massive hill to climb on this issue with conserv white people….the Dems are the ones that will have a bad year election in 2022.


Regardless that they had two majorities in Congress they limped through 2021 with some archaic dead political belief in bi-partisanship…and that is what we get when Centrists control the party.

Instead of pushing through their agenda they wasted time and energy trying to sweet talk a bunch of do-nothing Repubs to seeing policy their way….was never gonna happen in a Trump-centric party yet they wasted  months that progress could have been made.

I think the GOP will have a good election in 2022….and the country will suffer further degradation.


I think that misinformation and social media will play a huge roll in the 2022 election….and that smells bad for Dems.

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6 thoughts on “Will 2022 Be A Bad Year?

  1. From over here, I don’t see any ‘healing of divisions’ in your country, chuq. As long as that 50-50 split continues, it is unlikely to happen any time soon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The most basic explanation of why Pelosi — the Democratic Speaker of the House — lead the revolt against the Presidency of Trump. How US strategic interests sharply contrast with Israeli strategic interests.
    September 11, 1990, George Bush spoke to the Congress and the world. In his speech, George declared a “new world order”, as he prepared for war. All US Administrations, Republican or Democrat have embraced this “new world order”. Comes President Trump, together with his ‘America First’ agenda which totally rejects this “new world order”, first established by Mad George.

    Past the fancy political rhetoric narishkeit,,, what actually defines the concept of “new world order”? Answer: an economic union between Mexico\United States/ and Canada. The Trump vision of ‘America First’, rejected as crazy the “new world order” favored by Mad George. The America First foreign policy of President Trump attempt to regulate the movement of illegal refugees, their efforts to flee to the US, primarily directed toward entrance through the border between Mexico and the US. Mad George, guided by the Dick, pulled a bait and switch upon the American people, after the false flag attack of 9\11, most probably under the guidance and leadership of the Dick, Mad George illegally bombed and invaded Iraq. A country which had absolutely no connection what so ever with 9\11. Mad George employed this foreign invasion, comparable to the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, as a smoke screen to conceal the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Based upon the premise that Domestic Policy issues “always” trumps Foreign Policy issues.

    The torture of captured prisoners — Bush Administration, his ”new world order” did not limit itself to invading countries which might somehow threaten the continued domination of the US petro-dollar monopoly in the Middle East. The concept of “new world order” came home to roost as the later expressed Nafta trade agreement. To what does this rhetoric deception compare? The post Civil War ”American Democracy” imposed upon the Constitution together with the Corporate Monopoly Lobbies which today write the Bills which corrupt Congress persons and Senators present to Congress. The electoral college and not the democratic popular vote ultimately determines who sits as President of the United States. The electoral college definitively proves that America remains, despite the damned Yankee victory, primarily a Republic rather than a democracy. For a brief explanation of the electoral college [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_college]. States Rights Washington Bites.

    What fundamentally distinguishes Strategic National Interests from Tactical National Interests? The latter represents the necessary steps required to achieve some immediate set and established goal. The former, it like the Constitution, serves as the foundation which defines the strategic long term interest of the nation. America, for example, borders Mexico and Canada and has the Pacific and Atlantic oceans for its borders. This reality remains a fixed constant in all generation of that nation upon the planet Earth.

    The British learned from the experience of the Revolutionary War, just how difficult the burden to maintain a military occupation and rule of a country separated from the motherland by thousands of miles distance. The post WWll Pax American empire, likewise in its own turn experienced the disgrace of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Military defeats of US imperialism, the attempts by ambitious men – addicted to the drug of power – to determine the international borders of nations distant and abroad from the United States.

    Strategic national interests compare to the basic conservative nature which the US written Constitution maintains. Yes its possible to subvert and change the Constitution without the trouble of passing an Amendment. Post Civil War Washington, for example, preferred to impose law and order through lobbies stationed in Washington, rather than restrict all Bills presented to Congress, limited to Bills which the Governors of the States or the State Legislatures favored and approved. Criminal George, America’s equivalent to that mad fool George III whose vile imperialism fomented the American Revolution, invaded Iraq to protect the petro-dollar monopoly whereby the US regulates all OPEC oil and gas sales limited to USD transactions.

    To effectively unite the economies of Mexico and Canada, to a shared dollar currency, with the purpose to join three countries economies into one Union, requires EU like open borders. Trump’s ‘America First’ policy rejected this “new world order”, which both the DemoRats and the imperialist Neo Con Republicans embrace and advidly favors. Mad George referred to the Constitution as “just a GD piece of paper”. George Washington (the only thing this great leader of the American people shares in common with Mad George – the common first name) advised against making entangling alliances with Europe.

    The DemoRat Wilson Administration of 1913, (a year before the explosion of the first European Civil War), he imposed a European style Central Banking upon the American revolution — which both Washington and Jefferson rejected European notion of State establishment monopolies,,, first and foremost the Central Banking Corporate monopoly. This Wilson Bill, destroyed the free banking revolution of Jeffersonian democracy; confirmed by President Andrew Jackson in 1825. On Christmas eve with a Rump Congress, the Wilson Administration imposed the counter revolutionary Central Banking monopoly, commonly known as the Federal Reserve; together with the Federal bureaucracy – known today as the Internal Revenue Service. America established in 1913 a “new world order”, an economic alliance which joined the Allied States of Europe together with the United States.

    America’s borders with Mexico and Canada exists as a fixed permanent condition. US strategic interests therefore closely respect the static National fixed interests; as opposed to the the dynamic\ever changing National interests represented by tactical policy decisions.

    Israel, by stark contrast to the United States strategic interests; its national strategic interests radically differ from those of the US because it shares multiple borders with Nation States with a history of strong hostility to the existence and continuance of the Jewish State. Leopards can not change their spots. The strategic interests of the Jewish State in the Middle East, to integrate our tiny nation into the economies of States of the Middle East and North Africa; Israel views the enemy propaganda of ‘Greater Israel’, with total and absolute disdain.

    Therefore the strategic interests of the Jewish Cohen Republic centers around the establishment of Israel as an effective ‘Middle Man’, which promotes and facilitates vibrant trade between all States in the Middle East and North Africa. Tactically for Israel to achieve this long term strategic objective, this requires building an economic marriage among the States and countries within this region, based upon transforming the States of this economic alliance into an agricultural bread basket of the planet Earth.

    Israel possesses the unique trait of being capable to make the deserts bloom in the Sinai and Sahara by moving, over time, the rain forests of South America unto the Sinai\Sahara deserts. The nation of Israel possesses this blessing, the power to cause rain to fall in its due time and season. Transforming deserts into fertile farmlands, this blessing Israel gives to our Arab and Muslim neighbors.

  3. Beeing honest it is always nearly the same. Politicans are doing their jobs for which they are elected more like a side hustle, and only encouraged staying in their posts. For the sake of wellbeeing and getting money. ;-( xx Michael

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