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Remember those plagues of Egypt?

You know the ones….the flies and toads and locusts….etc, etc, etc……

Well there seems to be a real-life plague in the fable land of Egypt….the one for myths and legends to be born of……this time it is scorpions.

Heavy storms in Egypt last week washed scorpions into streets and homes, and the resulting attacks from the dangerous arachnids left three dead and more than 500 others injured, 9 News reports. Egypt’s fat-tailed scorpions are among the world’s deadliest; after a sting from one’s tail, the venom can kill a person in less than an hour. Hospitals have been given extra doses of anti-venom and locals are being advised to avoid areas with lots of trees, the BBC reports.

Per the St. Louis Zoo, this is not the first time human deaths have been attributed to the fat-tailed scorpion, which typically hides during the day and uses its stinger to subdue prey and defend itself. But venom from this and other types of scorpions is also being used to fight an aggressive type of brain cancer. Chlorotoxin, a component of the venom, has been used in something called chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy to kill tumor cells, City of Hope explains. Glioblastoma is among the deadliest cancers and is also the most common type of brain tumor in humans. “Much like a scorpion uses toxin components of its venom to target and kill its prey, we’re using chlorotoxin to direct the T cells to target the tumor cells,” a researcher says.

When this story is told later in history will it be about some pissed off deity raining Hell onto the people…..or will it be written as an freaky situation caused by a weather front?

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Rittenhouse Update

The trial of the little slug Rittenhouse has been a silliness from the word go…….now it is time for the jury to retire to render a verdict…..

First the gun thing was tossed out…..

Before closing arguments began in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse Monday, the judge dismissed the charge that had been seen as most likely to result in a conviction. Rittenhouse, who was 17 years old when he killed two men and wounded a third during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was on trial for a misdemeanor count of possession of a dangerous weapon by someone under 18, as well as five felonies. Judge Bruce Schroeder dismissed the charge after the teen’s defense team argued that RIttenhouse could be covered by an exemption in the Wisconsin law if the AR-15-style rifle he used wasn’t short-barreled, NBC Chicago reports.

Prosecutors conceded that the rifle wasn’t short-barreled. Schroeder said he believed the statute was poorly written. “I have big problems with this statute, I’ve made no bones about that from the beginning,” the judge said, per the Hill. The charge carried a maximum sentence of nine months in jail and a $100,000 fine. Rittenhouse still faces the five felony charges, including two counts of homicide. Prosecutors have asked Schroeder to allow the jury to consider lesser charges if they acquit the 18-year-old on the more serious counts.

Rittenhouse’s defense team has claimed he shot the men in self-defense. In his closing arguments Monday, prosecutor Thomas Binger argued that Rittenhouse, who traveled 30 miles to Kenosha from his home in Illinois, was not “protecting his home or his family” on the night of Aug. 25, 2020, and had failed to “exhaust all reasonable means of escape” before opening fire, CNN reports. The jury is expected to start deliberating Monday. Some 500 National Guard troops are on standby outside Kenosha.

And now the judge has given is statement and instructions to the jury…..

Kyle Rittenhouse’s fate is up to the jurors now, Judge Bruce Schroeder told them Monday evening, saying their job is to “determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty as to each of the offenses charged or submitted.” A prosecutor had the last word during the closing arguments phase of Rittenhouse’s homicide trial, CNN reports, telling the Wisconsin jury: “He’s guilty. Thank you.” Rittenhouse killed two men and wounded another during protests in Kenosha.

Schroeder warned the jurors against outside influences. “You will disregard the claims or opinions of any other person or news media or social networking site,” he said. “You will pay no heed to the opinions of anyone—even the president of the United States or the president before him.” Jury deliberations are scheduled to begin Tuesday morning. Jurors will work from a 36-page document spelling out the statutes and factors they must consider when deliberating each count against Rittenhouse, per the Washington Post. They’re charged with reaching a unanimous verdict on each of the five felony counts.

The outcome will be groundbreaking and used to defend other murderers…..I say there may be a mistrial because the jury cannot come to an unanimous decision.

Personally I say burn his ass and make him pay for his actions.

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