Closing Thought–22Oct21

Will twice be the charm for the former president?

He has started the second social media platform…the first attempt fell om his face…..

Former President Trump’s long-promised social media platform will be here soon. Trump announced the forthcoming launch of TRUTH Social in a press release Wednesday, saying the site’s parent company, the newly created Trump Media & Technology Group, aims to “create a rival to the liberal media consortium and fight back against the ‘Big Tech’ companies of Silicon Valley, which have used their unilateral power to silence opposing voices in America.” Trump remains banned from Twitter and Facebook. A beta launch of TRUTH Social is expected next month for “invited guests.” A full public debut is expected by the first quarter of 2022, Fox News reports. “Truth Social” was trademarked by Trump Group Corp. in July of this year. More:

  • Announcement: Read the press release in full here. It contains this statement from Trump, chairman of TMTG: “I created TRUTH Social and TMTG to stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech. We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced. This is unacceptable. I am excited to send out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social very soon.”
  • Site: contains a link to pre-order the app on Apple’s App Store, a form to sign up for the waiting list, and this description of the site: “America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.”
  • App: The App Store page features screenshots of what the app will look like, and an option to pre-order it.
  • Familiar? If those screenshots are giving you a sense of deja vu, the Guardian notes that the user profile shown on the App Store page “bears a striking resemblance to a Twitter profile.”
  • Video: A subscription video-on-demand service featuring “non-woke” content is also planned, CNBC reports. The streaming service will be called TMTG+, Axios reports.
  • Trump Jr.: Donald Trump Jr. went on Fox News on Wednesday night to tout the upcoming site; he said TRUTH Social will allow people to express their First Amendment rights instead of conservatives being censored. Watch the clip here.
  • Reaction: Justin Amash, the Republican-turned-Libertarian, tweeted, “A former president seeking to reclaim power announcing that he’ll soon be sending out his ‘first TRUTH’ via his new platform ‘TRUTH Social’ is some real Orwellian s***.”
  • Minutiae: A special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) will be involved in the launch of the site; for more on the ins-and-outs of that, see Reuters and the Wall Street Journal.
  • History: Axios notes that Trump’s team was at one point in talks with FreeSpace about building a social app, and that Trump’s team and former aide Jason Miller also tried to come to a deal on Gettr, which Miller ultimately launched alone.

A meeting place for MORONs.

Maybe a better title for this new platform should be The ZOO–Where the creatures meet.O see that hackers have greeted the new “platform”…..

Donald Trump created Truth Social to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech,” but the former president’s new social media platform doesn’t have the legs yet to stand up to hackers. Just a couple of hours after Trump on Wednesday introduced Truth Social and its parent company, the Trump Media & Technology Group, someone breached a private version of the still-to-be-launched social media site. They went to town, first creating a fake “donaldjtrump” account, then setting up even more not-real handles under the names of Steve Bannon, Mike Pence, and Twitter’s own Jack Dorsey, reports the New York Times.

From there, the hackers went the scatological route, posting profane rants that targeted Dorsey, as well as photos of defecating pigs. Claiming responsibility for the breach: the infamous hacking collective Anonymous, with members telling the Times the move was part of their “online war against hate.” “We had a fun time trolling it to high heaven,” one hacker says. Mikael Thalen of the Daily Dot talked to a representative from the group, who told him they sussed out the name of a developer involved in the project then used the Shodan search engine to do some digging.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


35 thoughts on “Closing Thought–22Oct21

    1. Why? you give zero examples of Trump policies in his first 4 years of Office. Hmmmmmmm ya talk about/talk down rather than talk through/address specific policy decisions which that Administration made. For example: I detest Obozo the clown, that N in the White House! Just talked “about” Obama like you did “about” Trump. I detest Obozo’s decision to invade Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi, predicted upon propaganda which condemned his dictatorship while concealing Gaddafi’s decision to base the currency of Libya upon a gold basis to thwart the US petro-dollar Central Banking monopoly which dominates the Middle East trading of OPEC oil and gas sales. Oboza the idiot – a DemoRAT – compares to that vile war criminal Bush\Cheney duo who did the exact same policy decision … those evil criminals (Neo-Cunt Republicans) purposely staged the 9\11 False Flag attack in order to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq – a country which had nothing to do with the 9\11 attack by which even the Bush criminal Administration admits to! That dead general, who just recently died (Yea whooooooooop the witch is dead), came before both Congress and the UN and openly lied through his teeth about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction.

      If the attack on Pearl Harbor exists as a day of infamy according to FDR declaration of War before Congress, then what makes the US invasion of Iraq any different?????

      Yo beetleypete! Any moron ass can talk about someone, especially when they “talk about” someone behind their backs! Coward! Talking through someone – that’s something all together different. Trump pulled US troops out of the Middle East. Trump got 5 Arab countries to sign a peace with Israel! Trump recognized the 2nd Israeli War of Independence – meaning the 1967 June War. Specifically Trump recognized Samaria and East Jerusalem as part of the Jewish State…as opposed to the vile US imperialism which under the Johnson (that war criminal pig who invaded Vietnam, without a declaration of war just like Obozo [that war criminal pig who invaded Libya, without a declaration of war just like Cheney\Bush {that war criminal pig who invaded Iraq, without a declaration of war just like Lincoln \ that war criminal pig who invaded the Confederate States of America, without a declaration of war), who justified the attack on the USS Maddox destroyer to a bunch of whales as his excuse for ordering the invasion of US forces into Vietnam.

      US interests trump the US Constitution in the criminal minds of evil men. Bush #2 referred to the US Constitution as just a G.D. scrap of paper!!!!! This brain dead dumb ass asinine stupidity of thinking that any difference separates the Tweedle Dee Democratic Party from the Tweedle Dumb Republican Party … HaHaHaHa such idiots; strategic national interests shape and determine US policies (both abroad and domestic) NOT the political parties. The latter serve only as a public forum to get their candidate elected into Office. But once in Office long term strategic national interests determine policies of State, not the elected moron currently sitting in Office, be it Hillary bitch Clinton or brain dead Biden!!!

      1. What’s damn silly … you talking about pointing fingers while you fail to mention even one example. HaHaHaHaHaHa

      2. Talking about Israel ehhh. LOL. “whole self-defense lie” … again not even one example. HaHaHaHaHaHa. Enough said. Bye chuq

      3. I would laugh at your stupidity but it is pathetic….as an Israeli and you need me to provide you with examples…..maybe you should find that rock and return home. TTFN chuq

      4. “Yo beetleypete! Any moron ass can talk about someone, especially when they “talk about” someone behind their backs! Coward! Talking through someone – that’s something all together different … Then check into a mental hospital”. Ad hominem irrational, pathetic coward. But at least your consistent, and Mr. lobotero has likewise supported your thinking with your dick rather than your brain.

        Declarations prove nothing. Evidence. Declarations lacking “evidence” = bullshit.

      5. I have no idea why chuq lets you post your insane nonsense on here. You should thank him for his tolerance. Then check into a mental hospital,

      6. The scientific method requires empirical\physical evidence. Declarations and ad hominem name calling, silly child – proof that you think with your dick rather than with your other head. Any idiot can attempt a “blood libel” against a Jew. But its an old well known lie. The Shoah serves as physical proof that you subhuman barbarians have no honor or shame. Only pride and arrogance.

      7. The man lobotero merits respect. Any damn fool like yourself can simply ban me from expressing my contrary opinions on your blog. Preaching to the crowd pleases people who do not know how to rationally think with their mind rather than with their penis.

      8. You are calling the cattle black.

        Respect is not given, you have to earn it.

        Your rants, Insults,
        Derogatory remarks,
        Long incoherent historical statements.
        You have all the symptoms of trolling!
        Derogatory remarks.
        Insults and racist remarks.
        Making a statement that makes your point clear.
        An incoherent rant.

        Need I to say more?

        You have all the symptoms of trolling!

        Need I to say more?

      9. Opening thesis obviously flawed. Kettle black NOT cattle black. This beetle moron has many flaws as a human being, but being a black Angus steer (perhaps queer yes I can easily see that) aint one of them. HaHaHaHaHa

        Ya seem to think that repeating your damnation twice validates what you have to say. HaHaHaHaHaHa ms. need i to say more?

      10. If you had mandarory three foreign languages in secondary school, and are fluent in two.

        You might have earned the right to correct me on my spelling and grammer.

        It would be decent of you to keep your ranting rage and trolling in check.

        Perhaps that’s to much to ask of you on second thoughts.

      11. Minored in English – duh. As an Israeli, hardly think your qualified in being fluent in multiple languages. “ranting rage and trolling” = declarations. You bring zero evidence to support your blood libel slander.

      12. I respond to personal attacks made against me. Fair is fair. They don’t want me to assault them with words, then respect me by not taking personal attacks upon myself. Respect receives Respect. Abuse receives Abuse.

      13. stupid requires evidence not declarations. My point remains consistent throughout. Have made this exact point on 3 separate times on this specific blog. Never once has any person, including yourself, ever once complied and brought evidence to support their empty child like declarations.

  1. If it’s honest it would be good. But the Bible already says that there will be a time when many prophets will appear. 🙂 Its called the time before Armaggedon. Dont forget, he is a business man, and the new business is trading with opinions. Thanks for the information, Chuq! Have a nice weekend! xx Michael

    1. Xtians now live as stateless refugees who have no Xtian country of their own. HaHaHaHaHa. Now ya see that the majority of Xtian Europe and Xtian USA has ceased respecting or participating with Xtian Europeans or Xtian North Americans. You rot in exile waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus son of Zeus. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa.

      1. 😉 Winking Face. After over 2000 years as stateless refugees the justice of Heaven has now made Xtians stinking refugee populations. HaHaHaHaHa

      2. For over 2000 years Xtians mocked Jews for being a cursed refugee people condemned to suffer eternal exile for the crime of killing Christ.

        The Israeli victory in its 2 independence wars of 1948 and 1967 serves as witness that the Xtians now wear the shoe of exile. Europe and the US hardly qualify as Xtian based countries anymore. Ya have to travel to South America to visit a Xtian country today. Xtian populations exists as minority populations in secular (separation of church and state) Europe and American society.

        A good example of secular America — need go no further than the right of abortion on demand. Hence Xtians exist as refugees in their own countries! They rot and stink waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus son of Zeus.

  2. The wars Israel has fought Israel had no choice but either fight or suffer total destruction. The 2nd war of Lebanon under the corrupt leadership of Olmert did not confront such an absolute threat.

    The Yom Kippur War lasted 16 to 18 days. The June War by contrast only lasted 6 days. Why did the Israeli Army stop about 60 miles from Cairo?

    During the cease fire negotiations, the American Secretary of State, informed the Egyptians that Israel had bullets for 9 days. This War caused a huge trauma. Egyptian Arab pride, dignity, and honor — restored by Sadat when Israel agreed to return the captured Sinai. Never back your enemy into a corner – no other choice but to fight. The Egyptians fought well, very well, and still suffered crushing defeats which resulted in Israel surrounding an Egyptian army. Just as Israel did not march its troops into Cairo, so too Israel did not crush and humiliate the Egyptian 3rd Army.

    TEL AVIV, Oct. 25 — The Egyptian III Corps, estimated to number 15,000 to 30,000 men, remained trapped by the Israelis today, unable to acquire fresh supplies of water and food.

    It was generally felt here that the plight of the Egyptian force was at the root of the increasingly tense international situation, in which the Soviet Union threatened to send troops to the Middle East and the United States warned it against doing so.

    Israel announced that she planned to supply the encircled Egyptians with blood plasma but said that they were in no immediate danger of dying of thirst or hunger.

    Israeli spokesmen also said that there was no fighting or violation of the cease‐fire by either side during the day on either the Egyptian or the Syrian fronts and that the United ations Truce Supervision Organization’s observer teams were moving into position.

    Egypt’s III Corps is cut off in a narrow pocket on the eastern bank of the Suez Canal south of the Great Bitter Lake and in a small enclave embracing the city of Suez at the southern end of the canal.

    If the isolation of the Egyptian force is very much prolonged, the III Corps might be forced to surrender or ask for free passage through Israeli lines.

    Such a move would reduce Egypt’s holdings on the eastern hank of the canal, all of which she had seized soon after the war began on Oct. 6, to a narrow strip running from Qautara to a point opposite Ismailia—only about one‐quarIsmailia—only about one‐quarter of the canal’s 100‐mile length.

    To prevent this, Israeli sources pointed out, Egypt must hope to force Israel to relax at least partially the stranglehold her forces west of the canal have around the III Corps positions. This, the sources said, explained Egypt’s demand in the United Nations for a restoration of the ceasefire lines of last Monday and the reports that Soviet forces might be introduced into the area.

    Israel announced that although the Egyptian troops were unable to get food and water, they were in no immediate danger of dying of thirst or hunger. The Israelis said they planned to provide the encircled troops with blood plasma.

    Editors’ Picks

    The New York Times
    By Charles Mohr Special to The New York Times

    Oct. 26, 1973

    Trapped Egyptian Force Seen at Root of Problem
    About the ArchiveThis is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions.

    Israeli Movements

    Israeli sources have conceded that their army west of the Suez canal advanced nine miles to encircle the city of Suez on Tuesday and then drove further to the port of Adabiya, to the southwest, totally isolating the Egyptian III Corps. They said that the Israelis had moved only after Egyptian forces had violated the ceasefire, which began at 6:52 P.M. local time Monday.

    But, 4n Israeli officer, said, by Monday evening the Israeli Army had not only got astride the two main roads from Suez city westward to Cairo but had also reached a point where a third, subsidiary, road winding through mountains to the coast south of Suez city reaches the main roads.

    “Even if we moved back to the positions of Monday night we would still have land communications effectively cut,” said the source. “That junction was, from the start, the main objective of our armored force after it crossed the canal and began swinging south.”

    In his news conference in Washington today Secretary of State Kissinger said that the United States had already supported and would continue to support resolutions in the United Nations Security Council calling for a return to the Monday night cease‐fire positions.

    Grave Displeasure

    As seen from Tel Aviv, however, the United States has shown a grave displeasure at the prospect of the use of Soviet troops to intimidate Israel into such a withdrawal.

    One official said, about the possibility that Soviet troops might be put into the area: “We are not oblivious of what, is going on around us, but we are not going to make any decision about cease‐fire lines until we have to.”

    Defense Minister Moshe Dayan told journalists who accompanied him on a trip to the Israeli enclave on the western bank of the canal that “Israel has not been and is not fighting Russians but rather Egyptians and Syrians.”

    Although the United States was publicly committed to the Security Council resolution calling for a restoration of the Monday cease‐fire lines, some sources here said that the United States had not made private, direct demands on Israel.

    Unusual Cabinet Session

    However, the Israeli Cabinet was called into an unusual session at 6 A.M. local time today and met for four hours to discuss what informants said was a message from the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Simcha Dinitz.

    An Israeli military spokesman, Col. Nachman Karni, said tonight that Egypt had requested the International Committee of the Red Cross to ask Israel to permit the shipment of blood plasma to the isolated III Corps for wounded men.

    Colonel Karni said that “it was found to be quite complicated” for Egyptian helicopters to reach their own forces with the plasma.

    He said that Israel had agreed to furnish the plasma, which would be delivered as soon as practicable by Israeli or Red Cross vehicles on the ground.

    Israeli spokesmen several days ago began to refer to the isolated forces as the Third Army. In military jargon a more precise word, informants agreed, would be that it was a corps—a formation of two to four divisions. Two or more corps constitute an army.

    The isolated III Corps is known to include the best units in the Egyptian Army—the Fourth Armored Division and at least one infantry division.

    Colonel Karni said today that “they are not starving or dying of thirst,” although Israel has cut the water pipelines to the eastern bunk. He said that as well‐organized military formation the corps had gone into battle with water‐tank trucks and food. He said he could not, however, estimate how long these would last.

    The colonel was asked if Israel’s military leaders would oppose by force any attempt by Egypt to go over Israeli‐controlled territory to resupply her forces in the isolated pocket.

    He said, “You have got me indeep water,” but then indicated that, on humanitarian grounds, Israel would probably not deny water and food to the III Corps when needed.

    However, other Israelis made it clear, that Israel would be much more ready to supply water and food herself than to permit Egyptian safe transit to do so.

    “You must remember,” said a well‐informed source, “that cease‐fires are nothing new in the Middle East. In the 1948 war of independence there were several and the Arabs always opposed permitting us to resupply Jewish Jerusalem.”

    He recalled that Col. Gamal Abdel Nasser, later the President of Egypt, had been among Egyptian troops isolated in a pocket in the 1948‐49 war who had been denied resupply by the Israelis and had marched, disarmed, out of their encirclement.

    There was no sense of public alarm or panic in Israel about the strains between the United States and the Soviet Union. Israeli spokesmen said that they had no independent intelligence that Soviet forces were on their way to Egypt.

    Jewish Groups to Hold Joint Drive for Israel

    Mayor John V. Lindsay joined two Jewish philanthropic organizations yesterday in announcing a $280‐million fund‐raising campaign to aid Israel.

    The money, raised by the United Jewish Appeal and the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, will also be used to meet local educational, health and social service needs, according to Laurence A. Tisch, the U.J.A. President.

    At a news conference at U.J.A. headquarters, the Mayor said the $280‐million goal was “critically important.”

    He said news of the drive would be a boost for Israeli morale “as tremendous as any sought for military or political victory.”

    The campaign Is to begin immediately and last, through most of next year.

    Israel does not seek to rule an empire. Israeli leadership plays the long game to work together with Arabs and Muslims. Should Israeli forces capture an Arab Capital City, force an unconditional Arab surrender. Israel has backed Arab pride and honor into a corner. Israel seeks Arab prosperity. To cause the dessert to bloom. Which dessert? The Sinai and Sahara dessert. To free Egyptian farm land crop production from the waters of the Nile river. The Nile dam dispute threatens a war of exhaustion for Egypt. Israel agreed to return the Sinai, under the leadership of Prime Minister Begin, in exchange for the pride and honor of Egyptian peace with Israel.

    The bravery of President Sadat, cost him his life. But Israel following the horrors of the October War of ’73, has come to respect the strength and integrity of Egyptian pride and honor. Egypt the first Arab country who rejected ‘blood libel’ slander and lies. Causing climate change. Rain in Sinai and Sahara = forests, and crops. Egypt need not necessarily have to fight an African War over the waters of the Nile river. Syria, has it not similarly witnessed similar behavior by the rulers of Turkey?

    The Canal Project joining the Mediterranean Sea with the Salt Sea could serve as the shared mutual interests, the cement that binds an Israeli/Egyptian economic alliance. The objective of the alliance to cut a wide deep canal. To convert a large percentage of Mediterranean water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gases. Causing those new Sea Waters to mix well with the brine water of the Dead Sea.

    Israeli education of captured stateless Arab refugee populations would in the future focus their education upon agriculture education. Arab pride and honor demands that Arab and Muslim followers of the Koran repatriate their stateless Arab refugee populations following the Israeli victory of its 2nd Independence 1967 War. Israel seeks that Egypt, together with the States of Northern Africa forge a working trade route which succeeds to accomplish the primary trade of Israel with Egypt and North Africa.

    A trade route that unites the economies of Egypt to Western Sahara. This trade route could quickly expand and include other countries, forging an economic union comparable to the EU. The unique quality of the Jewish State, HaShem has a brit to cause the rains to fall in their due season and places. This blessing of the Jewish State therefore in possession of the power required to cause it rain consistently in the Sinai and Sahara. The dignity and honor of the Jewish State no less than the dignity and honor of Saudi Arabia. But unlike the European barbarians who expelled Jews from living within their lands, destitute and suffering absolute poverty. Israel commits to educating our stateless captured Arab refugee populations in agriculture.

    To bring rain to the Sinai and the Sahara transforms the Africa into an economic power house. Once crops grow on these former dessert lands, Africa will need share croppers. The captured stateless Arab refugee populations, they leave Israel with dignity and honor – Israel gives respect to these repatriated people. The new Arab citizens of North Africa, they return to their people and homelands employed as trained farmers.

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