Closing Thought–04Oct21

I have read most of the conspiracies around the attacks of 9/11….I like to see just how far these idiots will go down that rabbit hole.

Over this pat weekend I read yet another outrageous conspiracy….this one by one of Trump’s babbling buffoons….Lin Wood……

A leading face of the effort to overturn the 2020 election results, attorney and Donald Trump loyalist Lin Wood put a different conspiracy theory forward in a clip going viral on Twitter when he suggested the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 were CGI and a missile was fired at the Pentagon as part of a plot to bring down a building containing financial records of “missing” trillions.

The missing money conspiracy theory is an old saw that the government lost a ton of money somehow, or that it was stolen as Wood put it, and that 9/11 covered it up. In light of the new spending bills before Congress, the idea that anyone would blow up buildings over $3 trillion dollars is practically quaint.

The money was neither stolen nor missing, of course. But Lin Wood took it to the next level anyway, saying that it was “a missile” that hit the Pentagon and suggesting the planes that hit the towers were computer graphics.

MAGA Attorney Lin Wood Tells Silent Crowd That 9/11 Was a Cover-Up Involving CGI and Missiles: ‘We Got Played’

These toads make me smile….but sadly too many mental midgets take these stupid conspiracies literally.

Just how far will these people go down that rabbit hole?

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7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–04Oct21

  1. There’s a lot of these “mental midgets” that take Trump seriously…. well, the idea that he makes sense. I take him seriously for other reasons.

  2. I have to be considered a mental midget then, as I agree that 9/11 was a conspiracy. As well as being orchestrated by the Saudis and having nothing at all to do with Saddam Hussein, the hole in the Pentagon was nowhere near large enough for a huge airliner to have ploughed into (and through) it. And the wreckage didn’t add up either. I think a smaller missile is actually a plausible theory. As for the plane that crashed while the passengers were trying to take on the hijackers, where’s the wreckage of that one? Just a big scuff in a field? I think not.
    Reagrds, Mental Midget Pete. 🙂

    1. Hehe.. God loves mental midgets, too, Pete. Our Congress is full of them.. as I suspect a few are also in Parliament.

    2. Anyone that thinks it was missiles and CGI is delusional…..I am not saying there was no conspiracy there was was just not generated by CGI chuq

  3. Rather strange comments I read here.

    Do I understand them right?

    That’s what I don’t grasp when Americans experience disaster.

    They don”t see it for what it is.
    They distort the truth, making it that it fits in their worldview, or domestic views.

    Than they push it as far away as they can and let it fester till another conspiracy is born.

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