“War Is Good Business”

Closing Thought–06Aug21

I have been an anti-war advocate for over 50 years…..and in that time I have participated in many protests in the past….and during those protests there was a common slogan….”War is good business….Invest your children”……

But just how good is business?

These are the 100 top defense industries….and as you can see business is good for most of them…..


How sad that the death and destruction is so profitable…..

Why should corporations invest in the country when dealing in death and destruction is so profitable….I find that idea repugnant.

Your children are basically dying to make some even more wealthy…..and somehow that is acceptable.


(He sits shaking head in disgust)

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


14 thoughts on ““War Is Good Business”

  1. War has always been profitable of course, and modern warfare even more so. Once the west pulls out fully from Afghanistan, the MIC is going to have to find us a new war to fight somewhere.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I was reading your post and I remembered a song of Jackson Browne.
    The song is:”Lives in the balance”

    It true as it always was.
    The first time I saw him live was as President Bush jr. started waging war against Irak, for reason that weren’t true.

    I hope I don’t offend you but in my opinion the US has a need to harbour an enemy-imgage.

    An enemy from outside.
    To blaim them, to keep the believe that the US is beter than “them”.
    To bring freedom, justice and the American way of live.
    A lot of media is full of this message.

    Why should the average American take an interest in other nations.
    Their culture, their language, their history or their believes.

    Diplomacy seems to be a dirty word.

    Good news:
    Your wife being back at home again.
    That is good news.
    I hope her recovery is going well!

      1. No prob old buddy. Didn’t make it public until a couple days ago. Had to break away from the damn Trump GOP finally…. went Independent. 🙂

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