Closing Thought–07Jul21

The good new over the long 4th weekend is that the country is opening up from a year long lock down…..good news indeed for businesses that have been suffering setbacks for months.

The bad news is that the incidents of gun violence is getting worse as this year moves on…..over the weekend there were 200 fatal shootings.

The easing of the pandemic has been accompanied by a general spike in gun violence, with some mayors worried about what the summer will bring, notes NPR. The long Fourth of July weekend may have just provided an unwanted taste. The Gun Violence Archive counts 540 shootings over a 72-hour period starting Friday, with 189 deaths and more than 500 injuries. Examples:

  • Chicago: The Chicago Tribune reports that at least 104 people were shot over the holiday weekend in the city, including two officers who suffered non-life-threatening injuries while dispersing a crowd. It was the city’s worst Fourth of July total since 2017.
  • New York, elsewhere: CNN reports 21 shootings with 26 victims in New York City from Friday to Sunday. Overall this year, gun violence is up 40% in the city over the same period in 2020, with 767 shootings and 885 victims logged. Elsewhere, eight people were injured in a shooting in Fort Worth, Texas, and four children were shot in Norfolk, Virginia, one of whom has potentially life-threatening injuries.

How truly sad!

It is pathetic that people die every day and yet there is no problem with the guns according to the views of idiots.

Maybe we should take a page from Hollywood and have a ‘Purge” day and let the mental midgets kill until they cannot kill anymore.

Of course I am being sarcastic……when will this type of stuff be recognized for what it is….out of control and dangerous to one and all?

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3 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Jul21

  1. Those statistics are insane. 540 shootings in 72 hours? If that was happening in Britain, it would be declared a national emergency, with the military on the streets.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. “The bad news is that the incidents of gun violence is getting worse as this year moves on…..over the weekend there were 200 fatal shootings.”

    Gun violence … blah blah blah blah blah. Noise. Guns do not kill. American citizens kill their fellow Americans because they do not share a citizen alliance with one another; a dedication to protect and defend their fellow Americans from foreign outside threat to our National security! Americans today view their next door neighbor on par with the spik illegal aliens! That’s a fundamentally diseased mental condition. Has nothing to do which the psychiatry industrial monopoly! And everything to do with that Americans feel no special connection with their fellow Americans!!!!

    What defines this “problem” of the decaying American society? Again the solution – neither particularly complex or even difficult – ya simply have to return to the basic fundamentals of government. The first priority of Government in all times and seasons: to prevent Civil War among and between its National inhabitants. The “Gun violence” narishkeit blah blah fails to address the central issue: American kill other Americans in rising numbers b/c Americans view their fellow Americans as “the enemy”. Herein defines a Civil War. True the numbers today do not compare to the Civil War which that vile war criminal Lincoln started with his illegal invasion of the South. The Civil War today exists on a much smaller scale. But the “gun violence” today communicates a growing Civil War among and between Americans!

    The problem of ”gun violence”, again neither particularly complex or difficult to resolve. Ya just have to return to the basics of governing. The foundation upon which the judicial system of any government stands: conducting “diplomacy” among citizen allies. A person A damages the property or person of person B. The duty of the Court: to determine the righteous from the wicked, and to compel the wicked to fairly compensate the violated person to compensate for physical damages, time, humiliation etc. suffered.

    The American judicial system totally sucks. Its really just that simple. A courtroom should consist of 3 Judges. One Judge assumes the role of the Prosecuting Attorney. Opposed by the Second Judge who assumes the role of the Defense Attorney. These two opposing Judges argue their perspective Case before the 3rd Judge of the Court. No Judge of this 3 man Court receives a salary from the State. The parties in dispute agree that Court costs the loser must ideally pay.

    This simple modification of American courtrooms removes the huge legal fees which lawyers demand and require today. Torts Courts have a very limited scope of appeals. Justice should not take an extended vacation, like the current corrupt legal system which prevails today. The Justices of the Court, they present their arguments and counter arguments and the 3rd Judge rules in favor of either the one or the other Judge. Case closed. The police have the obligation to enforce the ruling made by a majority of the judges of that Court. Justice — its really just that simple.

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