Do Something Now!

The Middle East is once again in the midst of another war in the making….Hamas is firing rockets into Israel and Israel retaliates….the continuing saga…..

The problem is that Israel is not punishing Hamas but rather the Palestinian people and now even news organizations…..

An Israeli airstrike on Saturday targeted and destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of the Associated Press and other media outlets. AP staffers and other tenants safely evacuated the building after the military telephoned a warning that the strike was imminent within an hour. Three heavy missiles struck the 12-story building, collapsing it in a giant cloud of dust. For 15 years, the AP’s top-floor office and roof terrace were a prime location for covering Israel’s conflicts with Gaza’s Hamas rulers, including wars in 2009 and 2014. The news agency’s camera offered 24-hour live shots as militants’ rockets arched toward Israel and Israeli airstrikes hammered the city and its surrounding area this week.

“We are shocked and horrified that the Israeli military would target and destroy the building housing AP’s bureau and other news organizations in Gaza,” said AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt. “We narrowly avoided a terrible loss of life.” The building also housed the offices of Qatari-run Al-Jazeera TV, as well as residential apartments. The Israeli military said Hamas was operating inside the building, a standard explanation, and it accused the militant group of using journalists as human shields. But it provided no evidence to back up the claims. Hours earlier, another Israeli air raid on a densely populated refugee camp killed at least 10 Palestinians from an extended family, mostly children, the deadliest single strike of the current conflict.

It was an accident?


All the sophisticated weaponry that the US sends to Israel and they cannot hit the targets they should……or maybe it was hitting the news media for their perceived slight in the reporting.

My feeling is that it was NO accident.

The US can stop all this chaos.

The US should suspend contracts with Israel until such time as they act in a civilized manner.

Time to hold the Arab nations up to the same pressure…..they could intervene and do the right thing…..such they also get massive aid from the US.

Time for the US to step up and make this stop and promote civility not armed response.

Just a thought.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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16 thoughts on “Do Something Now!

  1. I watched an interesting interview with the CEO of AP. He claimed that there were no Hammas offices in the building, or he would not have allowed his staff to work there for the last 14 years. His version is that AP used the top of the building to film reports of Israeli actions in the West Bank. It had the best all-round views there. He said he believes that was why they destroyed the building.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Where have we seen this before….oh yeah the Nazis….”for ever German soldier killed we will execute 100 villagers”…..chuq

    1. Over 100 children have been killed and 10 Israelis from rockets….kinda of pathetic that they will go to this aim with few leaders condemning it chuq

  2. “The saga continues” is in my opinion the operative phrase when discussing upheavals in The Mid East. And as to attempting to promote “Civility” among the warring factions, I think we can hang that idea out to dry. It appears to me that Hamas fired first so let them take the full brunt of the Israeli response.

      1. Dead children are the unfortunate side effect that goes with all war –children and civilians all die in wars — always have, always will — means absolutely nothing at all. As long as there are wars, people will die — young people, old people, healthy people, infirm people …it is unavoidable Israel has every right to defend Herself. If Israel does not have a right to defend herself then let us get the useless-assed United Nations to get their crap together and decertify Israel as a nation and make them move to some other global location.

      2. Glorified roman candles…..and if my family is treated the way Israelis treat some then I would be firing more than firecrackers. chuq

      3. Israeli houses, made from cement not wood. The Ottoman Turks denuded the land of almost all its trees. On of your so called roman candles blew a 16 foot wide hole in a house near my own, some 50 kilometers from Gaza. That’s a solid cement wall that got all blown to hell.

      4. Falls comparison, a conflict both parties mutually consented to fight. Gaza aint a country and Israel – its a country. Duh the mathematics pretty simple that a country with a standing army enjoys military superiority over a stretch of land wherein stateless Arab refugees reside.

      5. Since when lobotero the Arabist start speaking for Yidden in Israel? LOL Your role modeling, not so good. Sorry.

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