Those States Rights

This is a post from my secondary blog, Gulf South Free Press……I feel that this subject is driving many of the restrictive policies in many states…..too many laws with NO oversight. Enjoy chuq

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I would like to take a closer look at the whole states rights thing and what it means to the country today.

  • States’ rights refer to the political rights and powers granted to the states of the United States by the U.S. Constitution.
  • Under the doctrine of states’ rights, the federal government is not allowed to interfere with the powers of the states reserved or implied to them by the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • In issues such as enslavement, civil rights, gun control, and marijuana legalization, conflicts between states’ rights and the powers of the federal government have been a part of civic debate for over two centuries.

The debate over states’ rights started with the writing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. During the Constitutional Convention, the Federalists, led by John Adams, argued for a powerful federal…

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6 thoughts on “Those States Rights

  1. Washington had 2 Primary Lieutenants: Hamilton VS. Jefferson. John Adams sat in the Hamilton camp. Andrew Jackson the Jefferson camp.

      1. Chief Justice Marshal sought to establish a precedent of Legislative Review. Jackson chopped the head off of that attempt which would have expanded the powers of the Supreme Court: to not only declare a law passed by Congress and the President as UnConstitutional. But to re-write that UnConstitutional Law to make it fit within the parameters of the Constitution as the Court interpreted the intent of the Constitution and then impose that rewritten law as the law of the land. That’s Legislative Review which Jeffersonian Jackson stopped dead in its tracks.

        No other Supreme Court Chief Justice after Jackson shoot down Chief Justice Marshal’s attempt to impose the precedent of Legislative Review in the matter of the forced march of the Indians from Florida to Oklahoma. Jackson made his famous declaration: “Chief Justice Marshal has made his decision … now let me see him enforce it!”

        Jackson closed down the 2nd National Bank. Not till Woodrow Wilson would a US President renew a 3rd National Bank, which we refer to as “the Federal Reserve”. Under Jackson’s Hong Kong free banking system, the US economy transformed itself in just a few decades to one of the largest most powerful economies on the planet earth, second only to the economy of the British empire by the time of the Civil War!! That’s the genocidal maniac you refer to Lobotero?

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