Tonight’s The Night

Closing Thought–29Sep20

For those political junkies that have been waiting with bated breath……..Tonight at 9 pm Eastern the first debate between Trump and challenger Biden will be held…

The big day is here for President Trump and Joe Biden—the first of three presidential debates takes place in Cleveland. The debate is scheduled to run from 9 to 10:30pm ET, and it will be carried on all the major networks and streamed online at multiple places, including C-SPAN. If a poll out of Monmouth University is correct, the event could have heavy viewership—74% of registered voters say they plan to tune in. However, only 3% think it’s very likely they’ll hear anything to change their minds about their vote, notes the Washington Post.

Most voters (63%) say they’d like the debate moderator—in this case, Chris Wallace of Fox News—to fact-check the candidates on the fly, but don’t hold your breath. An exec with the Presidential Debate Commission told CNN over the weekend that the commission is not asking its moderators to assume that role, notes Forbes. “The minute the TV is off, there are going to be plenty of fact-checkers at every newspaper and every television station in the world,” said Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. “That’s not the main role of our moderators.”

I will be listening and watching and will give my take Tuesday here on IST…

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