Psi Phi Society–2020 Summer Session

Four times a year the Society meets and indulges in a good dinner, some drinks and a conversation on a subject picked by plucking the subject out of a stainless steel bed pan.

Sadly this pandemic has made the usual meeting a moot point and for the second time this year the vote was to cancel the meeting for the sake of safety.

Since the subject will not I shall give my choice in a post for IST.

My talk would have been the Battle of Tours, the conflict that supposedly stopped the Northern expansion of the Moors from venturing any further into Europe……after years of research I am not convinced that the Moors were on a trip to conquest but rather an extensive raiding party.

For those not familiar with the Battle of Tours.

Historians say that this battle stopped the Islamic wave……

In 711, the forces of the Umayyad Caliphate crossed into the Iberian Peninsula from Northern Africa and quickly began overrunning the region’s Visigothic Christian kingdoms. Consolidating their position on the peninsula, they used the area as a platform for commencing raids over the Pyrenees into modern-day France. Initially meeting little resistance, they were able to gain a foothold and the forces of Al-Samh ibn Malik established their capital at Narbonne in 720. Commencing attacks against Aquitaine, they were checked at the Battle of Toulouse in 721. This saw Duke Odo defeat the Muslim invaders and kill Al-Samh. Retreating to Narbonne, Umayyad troops continued raiding west and north reached as far as Autun, Burgundy in 725.

In 732, Umayyad forces led by the governor of Al-Andalus, Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, advanced in force into Aquitaine. Meeting Odo at the Battle of the River Garonne they won a decisive victory and commenced sacking the region. Fleeing north, Odo sought aid from the Franks. Coming before Charles Martel, the Frankish mayor of the palace, Odo was promised aid only if he promised to submit to the Franks. Agreeing, Martel began raising his army to meet the invaders. In the years previous, having assessed the situation in Iberia and the Umayyad attack on Aquitaine, Charles came to believe that a professional army, rather than raw conscripts, was needed to defend the realm from invasion. To raise the money necessary to build and train an army that could withstand the Muslim horsemen, Charles began seizing Church lands, earning the ire of the religious community.

For those that need visuals……

For those that like alternative history….I have something for you as well……

My thought is the the Moors were raiding because they did not have the structure to expansion, not at this time, so my theory is they went a raiding and would have returned to al-Andalus at some point.

The Chi Xi Circle has not made any attempt to schedule a return to the meetings in the Fall (it is not looking good for the Fall)….the pandemic is still as dangerous as it ever was…….we may return to our usual meeting  at out favorite eatery but not until it is perfectly safe.

I do miss the debates and discourse with my friends….and the excellent meal and wine….

I Read, I Write, You Know

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2 thoughts on “Psi Phi Society–2020 Summer Session

  1. I learned about Martel at school His name Martel translates as ‘Hammer’, and he was lauded as ‘The Hammer of The Franks’ after his many victories.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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