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I hope that everyone had a lovely T’giving and welcome back….let us celebrate a new month with a history quiz……since Russia has been in the news for the last 3 years here is a question that should be known……good luck and enjoy….chuq

In Saner Thought

By the clock on the wall–it is Monday and everyone’s favorite time!

Class today is a special day–why?–it is Monday!

Take out pencil and paper, this week’s question is:

Name only one of the three (3) Americans buried at the Kremlin in Moscow.

You may begin!

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9 thoughts on “Professor’s Classroom

      1. Ruthenberg, the American Communist. I have been to Lenin’s tomb, (twice) and the guide mentioned the ‘foreigners’ behind it. She didn’t mention Reed at the time though. There is a Union guy too, (International Workers, or similar) but I can’t remember his name, and don’t want to cheat by Googling it.

  1. Thanx everyone for playing….Jack Reed, Bill Hayward and Charles Ruthenberg are the three (3) Americans buried in the Kremlin ……your playing is much appreciated chuq

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