Biden Is Our Man!

Maybe Yours…Not Mine!

It appears for now the ex-VP is the leader and would be the nominee if the selection was today….I emphasize “For Now”!

He is being crowned lately on the evening news shows……..

This is the candidate that the media and the corporate world wants to be the person to take on Trump……just a Clinton-esque candidate and that was a loser in 2016 and they want to try yet again?


I mean he is so afraid of his fellow Dems that he did not show for the California meeting of the Dem Party……

Joe Biden’s glaring absence from the California Democratic Party convention has thrown a national spotlight on his eagerness to detour around the party’s progressive base. While dodging an overt clash for now, Biden is on a collision course with grassroots Democrats across the country who are learning more about his actual record and don’t like it.

Inside the statewide convention in San Francisco over the weekend, I spoke with hundreds of delegates about Biden while leafletting with information on his record. I was struck by the frequent intensity of distrust and even animosity; within seconds, after glancing at his name and photo at the top of the flyer, many delegates launched into some form of denunciation.

I often heard delegates bring up shameful milestones in Biden’s political history—especially his opposition to busing for school desegregation, treatment of Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas hearings, leading role in passage of the 1994 crime bill, career-long services to corporate elites, and powerful support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The big news on the Biden front was his views on the Hyde Amendment…..

Former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign for president confirmed Wednesday that the Delaware Democrat still supports the controversial, anti-choice Hyde Amendment, a revelation that generated intense criticism from rights groups. 

Biden’s support of the policy, 43 years after it was first signed into law, is a sign that the former vice president is out of step with his party. 

“This puts him at odds with his own party’s platform at this point,” New York Magazine writer Rebecca Traister tweeted, adding that Biden’s position puts him “also at odds with a morally coherent position.”

As soon as this came to light…Biden immediately changed his mind…….Joe Biden is no longer out of step with his Democratic rivals on the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for most abortions. Biden—whose campaign said as recently as Wednesday that he still supports the measure—announced Thursday that he now wants to end the amendment that he defended for decades, CNN reports. At a Democratic National Committee event in Atlanta Thursday night, Biden said he has had a change of heart because of the “extreme laws” Republicans in states like Georgia have brought in to limit women’s access to abortions. “If I believe health care is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s ZIP code,” he said.

How nice.  Was this an epiphany or just a campaign change for the election.  (Strike One)

Uncle Joe is on an apology tour since the Hyde thing……(Strike Two)

And then Biden released his plan for climate change…..and it sounds familiar……

Almost immediately after releasing a climate plan Tuesday that green groups slammed as woefully inadequate in part due to its embrace of industry-backed proposals such as “carbon capture,” presumptive 2020 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden faced accusations of plagiarizing language from a number of sources, including a coalition consisting of major fossil fuel companies.

Josh Nelson, vice president of the progressive organization CREDO Mobile, was the first to highlight possible instances of plagiarism in Biden’s plan, noting on Twitter that the section “about carbon capture and sequestration includes language that is remarkably similar to items published previously by the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition”—two organizations backed by major fossil fuel companies and labor unions.

Joe!  Deja vu….all over again?  (Strike Three)

You Are Out! (in my book)

All this just illustrates what I have been saying since his name was thrown out there as a candidate…..he is a corporate stoolie!

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


12 thoughts on “Biden Is Our Man!

  1. Here in New Hampshire, we know it’s far from decided. We’re anxious to meet all of the candidates, starting in neighbors’ living rooms and moving up to town halls and lodges or function rooms.
    The current occupant of the White House skipped over all that, and was never really tested.
    We’re open to asking questions you may want to pass along.

    1. I like the thought…ask them questions and do not settle for the soft soap answers….the MSM ask only hard questions of those they want to get out of the race….chuq

  2. Democrats have a tough choice to make. They have to decide which direction to go. Going to be interesting to see what they do.

      1. Agree. They will nominate the most socialist, illegals pandering, free everything they can and will result in someone less electable than McGovern (only democrat I ever voted for). Moderate dems and moderate independents will overcome their Trump hate and go republican giving them back the House too. Joe has no spark. I considered voting for him if he was a presidential nominee in his pre Obama days. He was frequently on Don Imus show and seemed like a level headed sensible fellow.

      2. Again socialism has NOTHING to do with the process…they will nominate the most center spineless candidate…..the DNC will chose the most corporate Dem of the bunch…Biden chuq

  3. Do you think the delegates elected to the convention or the DNC will control the nomination ? I think super delegates have been eliminated which makes about 600 or so elected not hand picked this time. Do the delegates determine membership of DNC ? Delegates committee authors the platform I think. McGovern people controlled dem party for a while and Goldwater people had republican apparatus for a while. Who/how is membership of DNC and RNC decided ? How does establishment in each party subdue left or right factions to keep control ?

    1. DNC because they are cvhanging rules as they go and the supers have not been totally eliminated. Dems elect leader of DNC…GOP is hired by president…..they issue rules before the convention to control their fringes…..chuq

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