Summits: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Our Beloved Supreme Leader just had a horrible and unproductive meeting (some call it a “summit”) with North Korea’s Kim…..but to listen to his rhetoric it was a success with the Dems trying to hang some criminality around his neck……but what of the so-called “summits”…….

Let’s step back to the beginning……

As far as is known, the first professional diplomatic corps appeared in the Byzantine Empire following the collapse of Rome in 476 AD. Byzantium established the world’s first department of foreign affairs, developed strict and complex diplomatic protocols, and actively sought intelligence about friend and enemy alike. Surrounded by enemies, Byzantium needed all the skill in diplomacy it could muster.

The art of diplomacy was carried to the next higher (some might say lower) plane in Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The Italian city-states of the era engaged in constant intrigues against each other. During this era, diplomacy became identified with behind-the-scenes scheming, duplicity, and double-dealing. Niccolo Machiavelli of Florence, whom many consider the father of “realist” views of the international system, stressed in his book The Prince (1532) that rulers should use whatever means they had at their disposal to stay in power.

Summits and summitry have their uses in a modern foreign policy…a constructive foreign policy (there’s the rub….we, the US, no longer has a constructive foreign policy)…….

It should not be regarded as an instant elixir for the assuagement of crises to dissimulate relief from the realities of inter-governmental ailment (1979, p. 186).

To begin with, this essay will discuss both on some of the possible strengths and flaws of the different types summits. It also argues on how summitry can be infused as a tool of a constructive means of diplomacy and it will also unearth some factors that could help determine the success of summits. The first part of this essay discusses on how summitry could be a tool in the engagement of public diplomacy and followed by with an insight on how timing is crucial in initiating a summit. Meanwhile, the second part of this essay details on how summitry could provide an opportunity for state leaders to administrate and show their capabilities in winning a summit.

This is where the Trump summits go off the rail…..a summit should NOT be an elixir for a solution to whatever problem it tries to address.

And yet Trump himself billed his “summits” as a solution to North Korea’s rush to nuke weapons…..

So far nothing but a few exchanged “love” between the two leaders and the search for nukes continued…

Summits are a diplomatic tool not necessarily the end of the search of solutions to problems….something someone needs to teach to our president….maybe then he would stop embarrassing the country on the world stage.

8 thoughts on “Summits: Garbage In, Garbage Out

  1. International Diplomacy has always required skill and compromise, in order to achieve a balance. I haven’t seen much of either in the last 30 years.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Teaching something to this president is a tough job. One problem is his age. It is had to change past seventy. It is hard to change past sixty.
    Now Biden is apparently going to run. Too many people in their seventies are running. That’s my opinion.

  3. All the news networks characterized Trump’s last meeting with Rocketman as a “failure”, “empty”, “win for Kim” and in all negative ways except FOX NEWS. Trump’s walking out with no deal is a great victory because he showed them the line in the sand and the unacceptability of their nonsense tactics. Trump should be praised for not making give away at all costs deal like Obama and Kerry did just to claim success by making a deal no matter how harmful to US and just stupid. Trump gave Rocketman the finger. Why can’t you see the wisdom, success and superiority in it ? Why is it that FOX had the only correct interpretation ?

    1. I will give Trump credit when I see the transcript of the meetings…..I do not take FOX word on anything…I shall when they start acting like anything but the cheerleader of the White House……chuq

      1. Agree, they cheerlead for him but FOX does report things that are Trump successes that ABC,CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN do not include in coverage . They give editorialized news anti Trump rather than just news events. If all I watch was CNN I’d conclude Trump was Satan incarnate is my point. I think the new DOJ AG will be putting out all the criminal activity and intent re collusion FBI, DOJ, Dem Party, Hillary Campaign colluded to destroy Trump before and after his election. Can left media retract all their accusations and unproven and non guilt Trump in collusion Russia for last several years ? . The dems are trying to change the election results by impeachment on groundless allegations and to smear President in order to stop republican agenda and weaponize their base for 2020. They even want to tarnish and desecrate the value of citizenship wanting open borders and voting rights for undocumented to get votes. The devalue citizenship to win elections because their agenda is not acceptable otherwise. Strategy was used in Age of Jackson expanding vote to more white male non property holders to get votes against NE and again post Civil War as Republican extended vote to black men to control congress and state legislatures.

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