Hispaniola: Caribbean Enigma

The violence that has plagued Haiti in the last month got me to thinking about the island nation….Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake…..the government (no matter who leads) is always hit with corruption……the people protest and the government reacts with violence and then it snowballs from there….it is a never ending cycle and the people of Haiti, the poorest in the region, always pay the price.

The so-called Core Group is made up of the head of UN Mission MINUJUSTH, Helen Meagher La Lime; and the UN ambassadors of Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the European Union, the United States, and the Special Representative of the Organization of American States.


They took note of the demands expressed by demonstrators on Thursday, aimed at a worsening economic crisis that has led to a drop in living standards, inflation at around 15 per cent, a growing national deficit, and allegations of corruption levelled at President Jovenel Moise, before he took office.

As I read about the situation in Haiti…this one tried to explain the return of violence…..

It began with demonstrations last summer in July and August, re-emerged in November and December, and exploded again in the first two weeks of February when hundreds of thousands marched in all the major cities of the country, from the capital of Port-au-Prince to the northern city of Cap-Haïtien.

The demonstrators demanded an investigation into what happened to billions of dollars of funds from Venezuela, an end to austerity measures and price increases for basic goods, and the resignation of Moïse and his prime minister, Jean-Henry Céant.


This got the grey matter fired up……Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic…….

Half of the island speaks a form of French and the other half speaks Spanish……Haiti is dirt poor and unstable the Dominican Republic is fairly prosperous and stable……

I short video can explain it better than my words plus most had rather watch than read…..

It is amazing that there can be two so different nations just miles from each other…….and on the very same island.

The situation on the island is something that can keep us International Relations geeks busy looking for and then the explanations of how this development took place so close together without influencing one another. But research is what we do.

I will leave it there for “experts” in the region to offer their pronouncements…..I shall return to the Middle East where events are more predictable than on Hispaniola.

5 thoughts on “Hispaniola: Caribbean Enigma

  1. I well remember when that country was ruled by Papa Doc Duvalier and his vicious Tonton Macoute. It has done nothing but suffer in my lifetime, one way or another.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Haiti is so corrupt from the top the common people are held in semi slavery with no chance to improve. A capitalist, military aristocracy has a grip on the whole nation and common people can barely breath.

    1. We all are aware of that….my point is that the two nations are complete opposites on the same small island…I find that interesting….chuq

      1. Yes I understand. Look at color photo from satellite of the island. Left side brown, right side green. Due to deforestation in Haiti for wood fuel cooking.

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