Those “Progressive” Democrats

I have been a radical for many years and many of my radical ideas are now what the country calls “progressive” ideas…..personally, I get pissed if one calls me a “liberal” for I am so much more than a limp dick liberal…..and calling me a progressive also gets my dander up for basically the same reason.

Being a Democrat means that you are willing to give away all your big ideas in the name of bi-partisanship and water down any progress i the name of their re-election campaign…….

Great ideas that have been pissed away…..

+  the public financing of elections

+ proportional representation in elected legislative assemblies

+ abolition of the archaic Electoral College in US presidential elections

+  breaking up giant corporations and placing corporations under popular control

+ making corporate directors personally liable for company crimes

+  limiting and transforming corporate charters in accord with social and environmental needs and priorities

+ the replacement of toxic corporate agribusiness with sustainable and organic agriculture measures to ensure conservation and ecological restoration

+ the replacement of fossil fuels with alternative renewable energy

+ the introduction single payer national health insurance for all – the de-commodification of  health care

+  the development of rapid mass-transit

+ statehood for Washington DC

+  steep progressive income, wealth and business taxes

+  giant jobs programs to meet social and environmental needs

+  the re-legalization of union organizing

+ massive slashing of the giant Pentagon budget and conversion to a peacetime economy in which resources formerly dedicated to the military are directed to meeting social needs

+ repealing so-called free trade agreements

+ the progressive funding and reform of Social Security

+ a financial transactions tax and a carbon tax to help pay for renewable energy programs and other worthy social and environmental investments.

Just a short list of great ideas that were pissed away to please everybody……and more “centrist” ideas were bought in by big business……

So these “progressive” Dems that the news goes on and on about are NO such thing…..they will call themselves as pragmatist but that is a lie also…..the Dems since Bubba Clinton have allowed more conserv ideas to creep into the party….they beat their chest about “big ideas” and let them die a cowardly death on the floor of Congress.

Do not buy the Progressive label without researching their ideas…..and keep in mind that talk is cheap…their actions in the past speak volumes of the cowardice.

Plus these “Progressive” Dems want to silence a member for having an opinion that they do not agree with… I said before…..Progressive my ass!

9 thoughts on “Those “Progressive” Democrats

  1. I have been called many things over the years. ‘Red’, Commie’, Stalinist’, Totalitarian’, ‘Trot’, ‘Pinko’, ‘Bolshevik’, ‘Russia-Lover’, and less printable names too. But nobody ever called me a ‘Liberal’, or a ‘Progressive’. And the only name I ever corrected was ‘Pinko’. I was far too Red, to ever be Pink. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. LOL…..I was never called Stalinist…..but most of the others I have heard on numerous occasions…..I like the Pink thing….chuq

  2. I support the electoral college and the Founders were very wise or Virginia and Massachusetts would always be electing the president in early years. As states were added the hold on the presidency held by those two states was broken. We are a nation of states not people. With no electoral college the likes of Ocasio Cortez would be winning elections with their welfare seeking base leaving out all the normal people to balance things out. I think even you would be uncomfortable with that. These people are for full voting rights and welfare for all illegals and open borders even post birth abortion. . Do you support these ? Organic agriculture costs at least 6 X to produce same amount of food. The exorbitant tax rate on the super rich to fund things will eradicate the entrepreneurial class which is the wealth producing class from which jobs are made. Without the mass amounts of capital the wealth producing class evaporates. They killed mass transit in Florida because studies showed there was not enough passenger use to have revenue to sustain the system and more taxes needed to subsidize it. Statehood for DC ? Ah, you want two more senators, eh ? Breaking up corporations to put under popular control ? I think you mean public control, right ? Well that’s the end of capitalism and pure socialist state with no wealth producing. I am pro union, pro environment/green and reduce dependence on fossil fuels but not at level of immediacy of Green New Deal (Catastrophe).Slash military ? There is waste and redundancy but do you speak Chinese and Russian ? They are certainly out to destroy us. Aren’t you for Trump’s sensible and pro US profits trade deal negotiations ? I support public financing elections and eliminate lobbyists contributions. I support universal health insurance for all with same level of max coverage for all but can’t imagine how to pay or it.

    1. I disagree and my writings tell you why…..I like AOC and the others…at least they have strong wills something that has been missing in Congress for 50 or more years. Without all these stupid wars the Pentagon would not need so much cash…..Trump’s trade deals are hurting everybody but Trump chuq

    2. California has sixty times as many people as Montana but only has eighteen times as many electoral college votes. That is not democratic or right.

  3. Wow. You, and Pete are a lot more radical then I thought.
    Much more than me. But don’t want to debate anything now. Too much to tackle at one time.

  4. Heh… a Libertarian, I’ve been called a Liberal quite often……by Republicans who spout pro-Liberty slogans but are in reality quite the Statists to protect their own authoritarian special interests.

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